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Re: "B.P.P. Says Rejected Protocols is Tantamount to Failed Diplomacy"

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Paco Smith

Your Belize Progressive Party-BPP's stand remains firm concerning our call for a resounding "NO" vote as it relates to taking Guatemala's unfounded claim to the ICJ.

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, look around you. Look at the facts. Look at the lies and deception representatives of both the UDP and the PUP expect you to accept, without question.

They continue to take all Belizeans for fools because the proof is right there for whomsoever is willing to recognise it. Our BORDER has been reduced to that of a so-called "adjacency zone" and to add insult to injury, the OAS lauds its "efforts" there, as though having children sing and dance about peace, is doing anything constructive toward halting Guatemala's aggressive, expansionist efforts. If anyone wishes to debate the matter, I invite you to visit Sarstoon Island and see how far you will reach before being accosted by elements of the Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF).

The facts are the facts and irrespective of one's political persuasion, it cannot be denied that the bi-partisan PUDP's FAILED "4A Policy" of: ACCOMMODATION, ACQUIESCENCE, APPEASEMENT and ADHERENCE has resulted in the erosion of Belize's territorial integrity. The submission of 11 proposals by the GOB, to the Guatemalan government and its subsequent rejection, is testimony to the piss-poor, incompetence and neophyte level of "leadership" that steers our foreign policy.

Some people can't handle the truth and for them it hurts. But I am here to speak truth to power and encourage Belizeans irrespective of where they reside, that our nation is under threat. It is real and the enemy not only sits across they way, to the west. There are many within our borders and the sad, but true fact is that many of them are the very same one's you've elected to ensure the well-being of this nation.

This is no time to be politically correct, for with each passing day, our beloved nation sinks deeper into peril and the ultimate disgrace would be realised if we decide to slit our own throats, by agreeing to take Guatemala's unfounded claim to the ICJ. The facts are there, for all who are willing to recognise.

Irrespective of what the paid mouthpieces of the PUDP say, going to the ICJ is NOT Belize's only option! Conduct your due diligence by checking out the BPP's website for our alternative. Remain vigilant and very importantly, support the BTV in its ongoing efforts to attune our people to the realities which are taking place on the ground.

Support the 30th April voyage to Sarstoon Island, in commemoration of the 157th Anniversary of the 1859 Treaty signed between the UK and the Republic of Guatemala, which delineated the border between what is now Belize and our belligerent, haughty and obstinate neighbor to the west.

In addition, remember to support the BPP in our "No to the ICJ" campaign.

8867 Today 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever

Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!


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