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Re: PM Barrow Meets President Morales In NY: Pledges to “De-Escalate”

Dean Barrow and Jimmy Morales

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PM Barrow Meets President Morales In NY: Pledges to “De-Escalate”

Paco Smith | Chairman | BPP responds:

It is now clear, the Dean Barrow administration, along with their counterparts in the PUP, do NOT have a handle on matters as it relates to the ever-increasing escalation of Guatemalan hostilities toward our nation?

The case in point of their FAILED "4A Policy" of: APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ACCOMMODATION and ADHERENCE is clear for anyone who is willing to see. As a result of their incompetence and less-than-insightful attempts at "diplomacy", our nation finds itself at one of its most vulnerable points ever, in terms of potentially being over-run by our hostile and bellicose neighbour to the west.

Yet, despite the realities on the ground, the "brain trust" at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, persists in its myopic pursuit of their FAILED DIPLOMACY. As always, we must call a spade a spade and the reality of our system of governance is that at the top, there is but one individual who reigns supreme in terms of policy. That person is the Head of Government, in the person of the Prime Minister. With that said, we must admit that is where the buck stops and as a result, whether it be praise or culpability, it rests squarely on his shoulders.

In the matter of Guatemala's untenable actions and blatant disregard for any manner of agreement or call for civility and neighbourliness that one would have hoped, went hand-in-hand with the various pacts the two governments have signed on to, I trust it is clear that Guatemala has absolutely no regard for the piece of paper to which they signed, such agreements. Beyond that, they have absolutely no respect for Belize and Belizeans. They are covetous of our 8,867 square miles of God-given splendour and by now, it should be clear that they shall stop at virtually nothing to get it.

Even more disturbing though, is the abject idiocy that has been displayed by our Head of Government. Let me set the stage. Following the Guatemalan president's claim of the entire Sarstoon River, the GOB continued to treat the Guatemalans as "partners in peace". If that weren't bad enough, following the most unfortunate, yet entirely avoidable incident in which a Guatemalan youth was accidentally killed in Belizean territory (note the incident could have been avoided had the deceased and his family not been conducting illegal activities in sovereign Belizean territory), after which the Guatemalan president made his boldest proclamation, our Prime Minister saw fit to "meet" with that enemy of the state.

I am sorry, but I have never claimed to be a diplomat, nor am I statesman. I am a Belizean with common sense which as it appears, due to the actions of those who are presumed to be among the brightest minds in service of this nation, is not all too common anymore; I am dumbfounded by the actions of the Prime Minister.

How many times does Jimmy Moralez and his craven government have to: (1) disrespect Belize and its territorial integrity, (2) move the proverbial goal post, and (3) break every covenant before the PM gets it? Guatemala is not a "peace partner"! They are hell-bent on forcing Belize into submitting to their will and the GOB's "4A Policy" is, in fact, their greatest ally toward achieving the said goal.

Is it that the PM does not possess the insight as to what is playing out before our very eyes? Or is it that he is disassociated from the reality of the situation? Maybe it is because he doesn't truly care? Or might it be that he is compromised in some fashion, insofar as doing what any right-minded leader would do and stand-up for his nation? After all, it is under his direction that the GOB persists in putting forth a singular narrative, as to what is the best route through which Belize can address Guatemala's unfounded claim.

Hopefully, through the efforts of the Belize Progressive Party - BPP, Belizeans and true friends of Belize are now attuned that going to the ICJ is neither the only, nor the most prudent route for Belize to take. With the unmitigated aggression by the Guatemalans, coupled with the less-than-judicious inactions of the OAS, it is clear that Belize must take a new path. The principles in the BPP have said this since 2008, for we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Guatemala does not want peace. What they want is PIECE (if not all) of Belize.

In sum, there comes a point when excuses for one's chosen political persuasion bears absolutely no merit. It is based on the facts that have transpired to-date and the clear manifestation of the FAILED DIPLOMACY of the PUDP, that I say, without reservation that Belizeans must demand that the GOB rescind the Compromis and take the matter to the UN Security Council.

Once again, I ask you to pick sense, from the nonsense. Why would the PM meet with Morales and take him at his "word", that he shall de-escalate matters? This man has demonstrated, on successive occasions, that he has no regard for written agreements, so what makes the PM believe that his word is bond? Again, I invoke the old saying...."Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Unfortunately, for the nation of Belize, if the PM is so gullible, a third such "fooling" could very well result with Guatemalan troops, boldly crossing our border.

Hence, meeting with his counterpart, did neither Dean Barrow, nor the nation of Belize any good. If anything, it further demonstrated precisely who is the neophyte, in this matter. I can safely say that the Hon. Phillip S.W. Goldson was never so naive and to see such a blunder from our Head of Government signals that the common sense to which I referred, earlier, is sorely lacking. The most vexing part is that it is lacking, much to the detriment of our nation, unless our people wise up and become willing to tell the emperor that he has no clothes.

For the record, this criticism extends to the principles in her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, for they are complicit in the gross debauchery that is taking place, at the expense of our nation's good standing, by way of their myopic-bipartisan approach to this issue of national importance. Yet, I reiterate, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" and in our system, there is only one such individual, who dictates the pace.

Kindly do us all a favour and not only THINK ABOUT IT...BUT DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE!

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Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

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