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When Danny Conorquie and Richard Lambey were murdered and wounded on Belizean soil by Guatemalans, Belize did nothing. But when a 13-year-old Guatemalan trespasser on Belizean soil was killed a few days ago in the cross-fire which resulted when BDF men were attacked by Guatemalan trespassers and they retaliated in self defence, and one of the trespassers was even arrested, the Guatemalans shout "Foul", recall their ambassador from Belize, mass thousands of troops, twice the size of our BDF, at Belize's borders, and wickedly turn the tables on our little country by lying to the world that it is the victim of Belizean aggression. I repeat: Belizeans in general DO NOT KNOW THE GUATEMALANS. The only politician who did was Philip Goldson, and his changed address is Lord Ridge Cemetery. We continue to underestimate Guatemala at our peril!

And, what does dear Dean Barrow do? In his most recent speech to the UN AFTER this affair, the video of which is available for all Belizeans to see, he makes NO mention of this latest Guatemalan provocation, the illegitimate take-over of the Sarstoon, the daily illegal Guatemalan incursions and rape of our resources, (all Guatemalan state sanctioned) and the murderous attacks on BDF personnel and various Belizean officials by well armed Guatemalan civilians within Belizean territory.

Dean Barrow | PM Belize

Instead of transforming his UN outing into a strategic public relations launch to obtain global attention and sympathetic understanding of our travails as a small, vulnerable nation, facing a giant bully on a daily basis, whose only goal is to snuff out our existence as a nation, this coward and possibly mentally unhinged S-O-B, (I mean Son of Belize!) whom Satan has spitefully unleashed on us three times as prime minister, to offset our God-given blessing as the most beautiful and natural resources rich country in the entire Western Hemisphere, spoke to the UN about CLIMATE CHANGE and DE-RISKING! No wonder the OAS and US state department response to this ratching up of the temperature by Guatemala was tame and disappointing. These compromising hypocrites had the gall to describe the events as occurring in a "disputed area".

In fact, come to think of it they are 100 per cent right - the entire country of Belize, its land, rivers, sea, air space and even people, are disputed objects!

And, the general Diasporan response from America! This has nothing to do with us, after all it's not about throwing another party and dancing the night away. Let others rant and rave! People living in Belize, should, the minute Dean Barrow steps off his aircraft, be waiting with tons of rotten eggs and tomatoes to throw in his shameless face, as a fitting reward for his cowardice and unforgivable behaviour. And, after doing so, the leaders of this patriotic reaction should issue a pre-prepared press statement simply affirming that they are Belizeans, who aren't conch!

Therese Belisle Nweke, Lagos, NIGERIA

Find Dean Barrow's address to the UN here

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