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Who's Responsible for Guatemala Debacle?

Elston Wade says "stop playing the blame game."

Paco Smith Responds:

If you refer to speaking the truth as "playing the blame game", that is your prerogative. But I shall not stand idly by and excuse those in positions of authority who are clearly leading Belize down a path of destruction. The reality is that they (and I am being all inclusive) have mismanaged this situation so grossly, that Belize is at its most vulnerable point in terms of Guatemala's storied aggression against our nation, since they amassed their troops on the Western border in the 1970s. My friend we can agree to disagree and that's fine, but I shall not use the guise of "not dividing Belizeans" as a means by which to excuse the willful negligence of those we have vested with the responsibility of ensuring Belize's well-being. The facts are there and once ANYONE, irrespective of their political affiliation continues to demonstrate incompetence in handling something as sacred as our nation's territorial integrity and by extension, our sovereignty, in my view, it is time to replace them with those who are ready and willing to do what is best for Belize. I trust you are of the opinion that Guatemala's annexation of the Sarstoon River came about due to the fact that our so-called "leaders"'s diplomatic approach created an enabling environment, in which the Guatemalan's seized the opportunity. If we can't agree on that fundamental point, then I shall presume that we truly do not have a sound basis on which to discuss this matter any further. In any event, I shall make it absolutely clear that one's speaking truth to power, in this regard, is not a pre-requisite for dividing our people. If certain people choose to view speaking the truth as divisive, then that burden falls squarely on their shoulders, just as with the reality of the saying which extols, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown." Unfortunately, far more often than not, we as Belizeans tend to cloud our view through self-imposed lenses and I contend that if we are looking at this matter from a nationalist perspective, when our "leaders" fail, we must be frank and call them on it. If we don't it is to the detriment of our nation. I shall end with paraphrasing a quote from Albert Einstein which contends that it is not prudent to seek solutions from the very source that created it. In such regard, kindly recognise that my critique is across the board, involving all administrations, for what we have today is the manifestation of the willful negligence of both UDP and PUP mismanagement of our nation's foreign affairs concerning our most immediate threat. This is evidenced via the current, BIPARTISAN, effort which commenced with the signing of the Compromis and has continued to the present. The effects of the GOB's BIPARTISAN, FAILED "4A Policy" of: APPEASEMENT, ACCOMMODATION, ACQUIESCENCE and ADHERENCE are evident, given the current status of Belize-Guatemala affairs, in the form of Guatemala's increased aggression. Whoever fails to see this, is in fact, fooling themselves, just as the powers that be, expect them to. 8867 Today, 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

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