• By: Abdulmajeed K Nunez

Heartbroken, How Can I Now Sing Belize's National Anthem?


How can I now sing Belize's national anthem? When with the stroke of a pen Belize's executive has forbidden The waters to the Sarstoon to be ridden Two thousand fine Twelve months confine Why is our constitution being undermined?

I'm heartbroken On Friday with the stroke of a pen Our civil liberty was taken Our freedom of movement forsaken This was the same way Diego Garcia was taken A small island in the Chagos Belizeans shame on us

How can I say from proud Rio Hondo to ole Sarstoon? When our freedom was taken on Friday's noon I refuse to say from proud Rio Hondo to Barranco My people Im trying to drown my sorrows Qudos to BTV, BNTU, COLA, BPP and the magnificent four Is it being legislated that Guatemalans continue to fish illegally off our shores? Belize won't be the same anymore

This was again a missed opportunity For our country to reassert it territorial integrity Instead Belize's executive joined Guatemala's position By legislating restrictions regarding the Sarstoon Island Instead of deploying 60-70 Coast Guards,BDF and policeman Barrow should have shown himself a statesman By sending them to accompany the excursion Knowing there were no weapons He should have sent a diplomatic note to the Guatemalans This is a clear indication That both GoB and the Guatemalans Are in bed with the Americans Bringing 'Manifest Destiny' into fruition?

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