PRESS RELEASE | "BPP Response to GOB's Limited Access to the Sarstoon"

Sarstoon River

Guatemalan Gun Boats Block Belizean Access to Sarstoon River

Belmopan | May 10th, 2016


"BPP Response to GOB's Limited Access to the Sarstoon"

Concerning the GOB’s recent press release which told of slight relaxation of the Public Safety S.I., your Belize Progressive Party (BPP) emphatically cries shame on the Prime Minister. Our position is such, due to his initial, egregious act of invoking the S.I., in addition to his latest unilateral decision to cast himself as some sort of benevolent figure who is willing to demonstrate a nefarious sense of flexibility. The PM realised the error of his ways and in an effort to try and appease his government’s partners in their FAILED “4A Policy”, without completely losing face, yet again via subterfuge, he extends a half-hearted olive branch. The fact remains that the enacting of the S.I. was a critical mistake, by the PM on both sides of the border. It demonstrated his lack of leadership and sound judgment in ostracising Belizeans, meanwhile allowing the Guatemalans to continue their illegal activities, unabated, inside Belizean territorial waters. More telling is the fact that the Guatemalans were none the less impressed. In effect, the ruse of allowing time for diplomacy to work, is a farce. The thirty days are quickly drawing to a close and therefore, this stop-gap measure in simply a veiled attempt at biding time. In this regard, the BPP decries this disingenuous action by the Prime Minister and reminds Belizeans that the PUDP’s attempts at diplomacy have failed. This is evidenced by Guatemala’s annexation of the Sarstoon River. No form of protocol, concerning this matter shall bode well for Belize and as a result, the GOB is caught between a rock and a hard place. We remain firm in our conviction that the most prudent route for Belize is to rescind the Compromis and take the entire matter of Guatemala’s unfounded claim and its unprovoked aggression to the UN Security Council, where it should have been taken from the onset. That is the most prudent means by which Belize can affect positive results, on this matter of national significance. 8867 Today 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever

Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!


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