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My fellow Belizean tourism stakeholders, whether you are a born Belizean or have come to our beautiful country to invest, the future of the Belize tourism industry concerns us all. I know that that cruise tourism has been a hot topic for years. Cruise tourism was meant to complement overnight tourism; not to surpass it in focus the way it has been for almost two decades.

When will the GOB build an international airport that can handle those super planes

bringing 400 tourists? When will GOB build those 400+ rooms resorts and lease them to the 5 Star International franchises to be able to handle the African, Asian, Pacific and EU

markets (the way Mexico established Cancun on the Atlantic)?

The fact of the matter is that the cruise tourism sector is sufficiently large enough for our

small country with so much invested in the overnight tourism sector by individuals whom

have invested every penny they have (some even having to max out their credit cards).

Let us float airport bonds and mega hotel bonds locally to put these two necessary pieces of

infrastructure in place to complement the over BZ$500 million invested by medium, small,

and micro enterprises in the hotel industry here in Belize.

Of course Corruption (crime committed in offices with the pen) and crime committed with

weapons in the streets, must be crusaded against by the industry, as it's very survival hinges on curbing these two horns of tyranny!

We would be happy to arrange a presentation and also to discuss how the Belize Progressive Party envisions the future of the Belize tourism industry, and of course get your feedback.

Please check out our progressive Tourism & Environmental Plan. With your help, we can make this plan better.

In service,

Patrick Rogers

Political Leader

Belize Progressive Party




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