• Charles Leslie Jr.

A Consensual Vision of the Future of Belmopan

Belmopan desperately needs a clearly defined road map for the next 50 years.

We can not afford to place ourselves into further debt. Belize is already in a state of acute indebtedness, with no end in sight.

I call on our Belmopan City Council to develop a Consensual Vision of the Future of Belmopan.

What Needs To Be Done:

Step 1: The Belmopan City Council must spearhead the formation of a Steering Committee that is made up of every head of every NGO, churches, schools, community leaders, business leaders etc. in Belmopan.

Step 2: Once this Steering Committee is assembled, they then solicit the contract of a professional consulting firm that can undertake the task of developing an in-depth, detailed white paper based on criteria inputted from the Steering Committee.

Step 3: Once a professional consultation firm is selected, let them do their jobs. This is a very scientific process. Have them report to the Steering Committee in a timely manner, example: every 2 weeks or every month.

Step 4: Once this white paper is completed it will then be ratified by the Steering Committee.

Step 5: It will then be translated into an easily understandable document.

Step 6: Once it is translated for the laymen, it will then be presented to the Public for ratification. The document will be made available in print form and digital form and every effort to get a copy to each household in Belmopan, will be made.

These processes will give Belmopan the "Consensual Vision of the Future Belmopan" it needs. This will be the road map for the next 50 years.

Why Is This Necessary?

We must all realize that a proactive approach is needed to properly develop Belmopan. We must stop battling the forces of unplanned growth, and canvas the residents of Belmopan to find out what they actually want for the future development of their city.

This process was partially done in 1999 when residents of Belmopan voted in a referendum to switch to direct election of a city council. In 2000, Belmopan was incorporated as a city and held its first City Council election.

What I am proposing would be thorough and would be real participatory democracy.

If you believe that a comprehensive Consensual Vision of the future of Belmopan is necessary, please help me spread this message.

Thank you, God bless and have a wonderful day.

Charles Leslie Jr.

Belmopan Representative

Belize Progressive Party






Interesting Factoid:

  • Belmopan has a population growth of over 17% per annum. The average annual urban population growth is 3%.

  • Due to this rapid population growth, Belmopan would need a road map for the next 50 years.

  • That road map must be "A Consensual Vision of the Future of the Garden City"

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