PRESS RELEASE | "BPP Raises Concern Over Assertion Regarding Ratification of Compromis"

Carlos Moreno - US ambassador to Belize

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Belmopan | May 26th, 2016


"BPP Raises Concern Over Assertion Regarding Ratification of Compromis"

Your Belize Progressive Party - BPP, in keeping with its commitment to remain both vigilant and current with all matters involving the most pressing threat to the nation of Belize (that being Guatemala’s existential and ever-increasing threat to our territorial integrity) takes issue with a statement made by Ambassador Stuart Leslie of the International Boundaries Commission (IBC), during the BNTU’s Educational Forum on the matter of whether Belize should go to the ICJ, held in Orange Walk Town on 24th May 2016. During the session Ambassador Leslie expressed that, “the Special Agreement/Compromis has already been ratified by the Senate…”. Needless to say, this came as a shock because to our knowledge no such ratification has occurred. We asked for a date of reference and he advised that we check with the National Assembly. In keeping with our commitment to ensuring that due diligence is carried out to the fullest, we contacted the National Assembly and were informed that no such effort toward ratification is on record. We find Ambassador Leslie’s erroneous assertion on a matter of such national importance to be not only woeful, but also most egregious, particularly given the singular and skewed narrative the powers that be have continued to put forth; in which they persist in telling Belizeans solely of the perceived merits of going to the ICJ, meanwhile purposefully neglecting to give mention of any other options. It is in this regard, your Belize Progressive Party lodges a most stringent rebuke of the mis-information that is continually being propagated by the GOB and its representatives. It is the absolute resolve of the BPP to ensure, that Belizeans are provided with the most accurate information at all times, because we realise that only through being well informed, that our people can make an informed decision on this matter of national significance. Accordingly, we applaud the BNTU on its earnest efforts toward attuning the populace as to the full range of options at their disposal. Moving forward, we implore all Belizeans to continue to do your due diligence, in order to ensure you know precisely what are your options and their respective merits, for as this most disconcerting instance demonstrates, we must not take the utterances of the powers that be, as gospel, especially when as much as half of our 8,867 square miles is at stake of being ceded to Guatemala, if you decide to take this matter to the ICJ. Finally, we request the Government of Belize, demonstrate both ownership and accountability concerning the misinformation proffered, by Ambassador Stuart Leslie, during the gathering on 24h May 2016, by issuing a statement of retraction.

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