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The Element of Subterfuge is a Reality!

Amid the heightened level of subterfuge being fostered by the powers that be, very few things which occur within the sphere of Belize's socio-political arena, tends to surprise me.

Case in point, this week's editorial in the Reporter Press. If there is one thing I have garnered from operating within Belize's body politick, it is that one must NEVER TAKE MATTERS AT FACE VALUE!

Given the serious nature of the Guatemalan threat and unprovoked offensive on Belize's territorial integrity and the obvious ineptitude of our nation's diplomatic representatives, I believe that much more is afoot, than meets the eye, in this instance.

The FAILED DIPLOMACY of the PUDP, via its bipartisan call to take Guatemala's unfounded claim to our sovereign territory to the ICJ is not only misguided but also in serious duress. The powers that be neither foresaw, nor calculated the robust opposition to their contrived-negligent handling of Belize's interests concerning this matter of national importance. They expected Belizeans to do as usual and simply take what B.S. they dish out. Such is not the case involving this matter and rest assured, the powers that be, will never admit it.

Instead their modus operandi is to muddy the waters as much as possible. They have enacted a concerted effort to try and block out entities such as the Belize Progressive Party - BPP, whose principles, have been on the forefront of the "NO ICJ" movement, since the beginning. Take for example the Social Security Board sponsored so-called "ICJ Debate". Can anyone tell me one, good, reason as to why a representative from the BPP was not invited to take part? I believe, with total conviction, it is due to the fact that our message and adjoining rationale as to why Belizeans must vote "NO to the ICJ", is resonating with the masses. In effect, the BPP is fast becoming a threat to their ill-advised scheme to have Belizeans slit our own throats, by voting to go to the ICJ. Insofar as the old saying goes, "Who feels it knows it", I am sincere in saying that within certain corners, there is no doubt, efforts are being undertaken to try and minimise and exclude the BPP from the public discourse. To no avail though, as our message is: simple, straightforward, loud and clear...that going to the ICJ holds too many inherent risks for Belize, via the Special Agreement/Compromis, portends a less than favourable environment to maintain our territory in-tact.

But that is enough on that issue, for now. The crux of this article is to provide my view of the Reporter Press's editorial. As mentioned prior, the PUDP is under pressure. The pressure is so great that their traditional approach of utilising deception on the electorate had to be both modified and enhanced. Admittedly, this is my opinion, but given the amount of subterfuge that has become necessary to try and stop the public education process, it would not surprise me if the editorial was written with the encouragement of the powers that be, in order to create a situation in which, by way of a swift and definitive assertion by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning Belize's territorial integrity, they hope to try and engender increased support from the citizenry.

One must realise that the PUDP, irrespective of the song and dance that both sides of that political non-divide continue to dole out, are fundamentally compromised when it comes to the issue of the ICJ. Both aspire to take Guatemala's unfounded claim to the ICJ. The only point of contention is the extent to which either side shall be allowed to influence the ebb and flow. Let us not forget that the majority of attorneys on both sides, with a few exceptions, are predisposed to seeking a juridical "solution" to this issue, despite the realities associated with: (1) the fact that Belize need not agree to go to court, (2) given Guatemala's track record, a favourable decision for Belize will undoubtedly be summarily disavowed because the ICJ bears no wherewithal toward ensuring its decisions are adhered to, (3) the reality of litigation risk is unquestioned and (4) the ICJ will undoubtedly seek to create a presumed "win-win" situation in which each side must give up something...yet in this regard, Belize is the only one that stands to lose something tangible and that is territory.

That brings us to the Reporter Press's editorial. I seek not to cast aspersions on anyone, but given the pressure the PUDP feels, as a result of the galvanising of a collective consciousness, as to the utter lunacy of taking the matter to the ICJ, I dare say that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that some-one/entity, might be willing to "take one for the team", so to speak, in order to give the misguided souls who favour going to the ICJ, a platform on which to attempt to gain some traction. After all, unfortunately, despite the fact that Guatemala's unfounded claim is a national issue, the unfortunate aura of politics and its adjoining element...politricking, has taken centre stage.

Admittedly, It is not the way things should be, but then again, how often do things occur, accordingly? That is the reality and until Belizeans are able to differentiate between what fundamentally amounts to misguided nationalism (which in this instance is underscored by the extremely dangerous element of political partisanship, in a bipartisan construct) versus patriotism, we shall continue to walk this extremely corrosive line on which we find ourselves teetering, to the extent that dependent upon the decision of the electorate, in the ever-impending referendum, the geography of our nation might be forever changed...and not for the better.

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, we must recognise that the authors of the FAILED, BIPARTISAN "4A Policy" of the PUDP are playing serious games with our territorial integrity. They wish to make you feel as though a juridical determination to the matter of Guatemala's unfounded claim will prove the end-all, when in fact, they know as well as I, that it shall not. The scourges of: GREED, SELF-CENTREDNNESS, PRIDE and above-all CORRUPTION are, unfortunately part and parcel of the PUDP system, a system that neither of the two, major political parties are willing to change. It is disheartening to see that despite the obvious, which is that amid Guatemala's unprovoked aggression, a portion of our territory has been annexed an still yet, you have supposedly "learned individuals", still singing from the already disgraced narrative, that Belize must go to the ICJ. Therein is a prime example of the shortsightedness, which accompanies and defines the four, aforementioned scourges that has our nation at the depths to which we find ourselves in terms of: moral standards, economics and in the sense of civic awareness.

I put forth that the editorial in question is nothing more than yet another cog in the wheel of: duplicity, cunning, chicanery and pretense that is part and parcel of the tools used by the powers that be, in order to continue to deceive the people.

Think about it, when last has the GOB, via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demonstrated such patriotic fervour on behalf of the nation? Normally, its a case of the FM suffering from the effects of "foot-in-mouth" worthy utterances. Yet, quite conveniently, at this juncture, with the FM being called a liar by his Guatemalan counterparts, as a result of the "untrammeled access" on the Sarstoon River, that he reported as being derived from their gathering in Turkey an editorial is written, that basically gives the GOB an opportunity to show themselves as presumably being the defenders of our territorial integrity.

There's an old adage of which I know the majority of you are cognizant, in which it is said, "Fool the taak, but fool no the listen". Well, in the case of the editorial, I dare say, it is rather applicable.

The stakes are high and the PUDP will go to any lengths to muddy the waters. Remain attuned and please do not take these matters at face value, for the element of utilising "smoke and mirrors" is also found in the PUDP's toolkit.

Amid the complexity of this matter, all Belizeans and true friends of Belize must realise that insofar as the question of whether or not we should take Guatemala's unfounded claim to the ICJ, the fact is that for Belize, particularly, under the conditions set by Special Agreement/Compromis, the risks far outweigh any purported benefits those on the "yes" side believe might be garnered.

Therefore, when it comes to the Reporter Press's editorial, I regard that it to be akin to that of the proverbial "white noise", that once heard and analysed, it is best disregarded, so that the necessary focus can be placed on salient matters.

Just some food for thought and digestion.

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