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PRESS RELEASE | "BPP's Hurricane Earl 3-R Plan"

BPP's Hurricane Earl 3-R Plan

Belmopan | August 7th, 2016


"BPP's Hurricane Earl 3-R Plan"

In the aftermath of Hurricane Earl, your BPP government in waiting is ready to launch its 3-R plan and is ready to work with GOB to ensure success. Our approach entails a three-pronged approach, which is detailed as follows. Yet, fundamental to this, as well as all BPP efforts, are the core elements of good governance including: Accountability, Transparency and Equity. To this end, we propose the following approach:

  1. Relief: Creation of a tri-partisan committee to meet with international agencies to discuss AID with full commitment to accountability, transparency and service to those affected. BPP calls for those areas most affected to be declared disaster areas and immediate relief be given:

  • NEMO supplies be consolidated to supply food, shelter and clothing to most affected areas

  • Security forces to be deployed to all affected areas especially offshore islands of Caye Caulker and San Pedro

  • Pass a Statutory instrument (SI) to exempt taxes on fuel, construction supplies and materials identified for rebuilding all affected industries and disaster areas for a period of 90 days in the first instance

  • Pass a Statutory Instrument (SI) to put all foreclosures on a 2 year moratorium

  • Pass Usury Laws to control interest rates

  • Pass Truth in Lending laws so that customers who do not understand banking know exactly how their loans will be structured, in laymen’s terms

  • Pass a Predatory Lending law so that banks do not prey on desperate Belizeans who will need capital to rebuild their businesses

  1. Recovery:

  • Assess agricultural damage for quick assistance to farmers to expedite their recovery

  • The National Bank should make money available to Belizean business owners at very low interest rates

  1. Rebuilding:

  • Housing

  • Infrastructure

  • Stipend support for families that are discerned to be in considerable need, based on specified criterion

Your Belize Progressive Party - BPP stands ready to implement the “Hurricane Earl 3-R Plan”, toward ensuring that amid the aftermath of this natural disaster, Belizeans are afforded an appropriate opportunity to recover and build in a sound, sustainable and progressive fashion.

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To know more visit us at: www.belizeprogressiveparty.org


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