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PRESS RELEASE | "BPP's Statement Following Hurricane Earl"

Hurricane Earl Damage in Belize City

Photo by Jose Luis Espat

Belmopan | August 3rd, 2016


"BPP's Statement Following Hurricane Earl"

In the aftermath of Hurricane Earl, your Belize Progressive Party expresses thanks to the Almighty that, overall, the nation was saved from the full brunt of the storm. Indeed, many were affected, but in terms of worse case scenarios, our nation remained blessed.

In times such as these we encourage Belizeans, both at home and abroad, to reflect on such blessings and take the opportunity to rededicate yourselves to doing that which is morally and legally right, at all times. Bearing this in mind, we call upon the electorate to stand firm by exposing the illicit wrongdoings of those in positions of authority. Amid the economic stagnation, financial distress, lack of citizen security, blatant white collar crime and overall corruption that has become the par for the course in these times of political tyranny, your Belize Progressive Party – BPP encourages one and all to hold true as well as hold accountable all elected officials to the Rule of Law.

In such regard, we express our displeasure with the brazen and callous call of the Prime Minister, during this time of recovery, for the teachers and unions to postpone their salary increase. This is testimony to the level of contempt and disregard he harbours for the dedicated public servants who have exercised considerable patience, in anticipation of their well-deserved and long anticipated salary increases. According to the PM, “all are expected to make sacrifices”. Yet he fails to acknowledge that due to his gross mismanagement of the nation’s resources and his unwillingness to put an end to his colleagues’ pilfering, it is part and parcel of why the nation is in such financial distress.

In such regard, it is high time the PM and his colleagues show "sacrifice by example" and trim their Ministerial salaries and perks. A example of such commitment is to have the Minister of Defence pay into the Consolidated Fund, the previously unreported 70 thousand dollars he received, allegedly as contributions for his privately owned sporting interests.

We therefore encourage the teachers and the unions to reject his request and demand that he trim the fat from among his colleagues’ clandestine dealings.

Therefore, in the spirit of solidarity with those who have already sacrificed a considerable amount, we support you to receive that which you both have earned and deserve.

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