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PRESS RELEASE | "BPP Responds to Barrow's Latest Moves"

BPP Symbolically Signs UN Convention Against Corruption

Belmopan | August 11th, 2016


"BPP Responds to Barrow's Latest Moves"

Given the untenable socio-economic, financial and moral quagmire in which Belize finds itself, the move by PM Barrow to appoint Dr. Carla Barnett as Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance comes as no surprise. In effect, her acknowledged credentials among the multilateral funding agencies, such as the World Bank and IMF, cannot be questioned. Yet it is not lost on the BPP that the lack of goodwill the Barrow administration has incurred with the international community is real and in effect, as in all instances the PM seeks to use the new Minister of State’s qualifications, for the benefit of his political fiefdom. In keeping with our fundamental philosophy of applying a holistic approach to matters of importance, the BPP highlights the fact that beyond the impacts of Hurricane Earl, Belize is suffering from a gross case of ineffective leadership, which has done absolutely nothing to address the systemic corruption which is par for the course. Therefore, the BPP again challenges the Prime Minister to do the right thing and urgently implement the core strategies toward ushering in good governance practises and principles. After being elected to his third, consecutive term Mr. Barrow refuses to: (1) Sign the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), (Belize is shamefully among a shortlist of infamous countries that refuse to sign the UNCAC, including Chad, Somalia, North Korea, and Eritrea), (2) Constitute an Integrity Commission and (3) Engage substantive reforms concerning government financial oversight, as well as campaign financing. This unmistakable unwillingness to undertake matters which are well within his power, is testimony to the tyrannical corruption which the PUDP perpetuates at the expense of the good name of the people and nation of Belize.

There is no question Belize is in need of considerable assistance, but within a corrupt system in which the leaders in government demonstrate no inclination to address this issue, it should come as no surprise if the international community’s response to the GOB’s entreaties for assistance are met with a lukewarm response. Belizeans and true friends of Belize, the time has long since passed for us to hold our elected officials accountable including appointed Senator/Ministers like Dr. Barnett. Demand that the PM institute the necessary governance inputs that will demonstrate to the world they are willing to effect changes that will bode well for an improvement in our nation’s status, as well as prospects to provide a more equitable environment for sustainable human development. Only through such progressive efforts shall Belize be placed on the appropriate track toward the overall rehabilitation of our nation’s governance systems and mechanisms. Anything short of this is yet another political facade, devoid of substance, simply put - smoke and mirrors.

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