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The Problem With CEOs

Our political leader, Patrick Rogers, engages discussion with a citizen:

#CEOaPrivateSectorVirus #TheProblemwithCEOs

the problem with CEOs in Belize

In response to a thread, I posted this -

You see Brother Orlando Harrison, the Public Service has a virus called a CEO (Chief Executive Officer - yes, I know, a Private Sector virus)!

The 1993 to 1998 Sir Dr Manuel Esquivel led UDP government introduced the EXECUTIVE OFFICERS position as an Advisor (on POLICIES) to the Minister - they were "CONTRACT OFFICERS" from outside the Public Service with supposed technical expertise to assist the MINISTERS with policy decisions; however, the PERMANENT SECRETARY (PS) position reported Directly to the MINISTER and was entrusted with and empowered to effectively run the Ministry adhering to PROCEDURES. The PS was a career Public Servant and knew all the Laws governing their job functions (i.e. Constitution, Finance and Audit Act, Stores Orders, etc).

The CABINET members may change from Red to Blue (or Green), but the PS remains to guard and protect PROCEDURES!!!

The 1998 to 2008 Said Musa Lead PUP government decided to merge the two positions into one and call the position CEO! This led to the focus on POLICIES and total disregard for PROCEDURES by the CEO whom owes his/her "CONTRACT OFFICERS" status to CANINET!!!

The career Public Servants needs to stop putting their signature to these documents that they know are illegal and send it UP to their Supervisors to put their signature there - then you can proceed knowing you were instructed to do it by your supervisor.

If everyone did this, you will find that it is only the "CONTRACT OFFICERS" whose signatures will end up on all these questionable documents!

#CEOs #problemwithCEOs

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