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PRESS RELEASE | "BPP Calls On Belizeans to Join the People's Protest & Referendum"

BPP Calls for a People's Referendum

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Belmopan | August 25th, 2016


"BPP Calls On Belizeans to Join the People's Protest & Referendum"

Your Belize Progressive Party, in keeping with its unwavering commitment to social justice, good governance, a strong family, participatory democracy and the fight against corruption, hereby:

1. Supports the People's protest in Belmopan on Friday, August 26th and Calls on all Belizeans to join in solidarity.

2. Invites all Belizeans to participate in an online Poll that the BPP has commissioned BBN to launch today (Breaking Belize News) as a precursor to the People's Referendum that the BPP intends to pursue.

3. Calls on our government to accept the offer from the US to assist in the investigation of the ongoing immigration scandal. The BPP further calls for the US to offer assistance in the murder investigation of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas.

4. Calls on the government to listen to the will and voice of the people and appeal the CJ's ruling on Section 53.

Our political leader, Patrick Rogers clarifies our position on section 53

8867 Today 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

To know more visit us at: www.belizeprogressiveparty.org


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