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RE: Prensa Libre mocks Barrow’s call for an apology

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Well, I wonder whether this will jog the PM and his band of apologists who adere to the PUDP's FAILED "4A Policy" of: APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ADHERENCE and ACCOMMODATION, into some sense of reality.

The level of contempt the Guatemalan oligarchy has for Belizeans is clearly depicted in the caricature. Also it clearly shows Barrow in a subservient position.

Does the emperor realise that he and by extension, our nation, are being taken for poppy show? Better yet, the operative question is, "Does he even care?"

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, sleep wid yu own eye and come to grips that the PUDP do not have the wherewithal, nor the intent to deal with the Guatemala situation, from a position of strength. Reject them, as well as their failed policy and join the earnest efforts of your Belize Progressive Party - BPP toward maintaining Belize's patrimony...all 8,867 square miles of it and not a centimeter less.

8867 Today 8867 Tomorro 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

#PacoSmith #icj #guatemala #notoicj

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