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We Need To Stand Shoulder To Shoulder To Save Belize

Stand Shoulder To Shoulder to Save Belize

If we do not Stand Up Shoulder to Shoulder in defense of Belize's 8867 sm, we may see from Southside Belize City down to Sarstoon River and island become Alta Verapaz or "the Autonomous Atlantic Coast of Guatemala" (like what happened to the Great Mixitu Nation/Kingdom - where the 1st set of mixed breed Native Amerindians and Africans with minimal European blood were left by the British to be amalgamated into Spanish Nicaragua where they are currently being administered as a Autonomous Region because of the difference in CULTURES)...

More to come on the Great Mixitu Blood line that is in my viens and so many other natural born BELIZEANS; however, I'm still conducting further research before writing a book to be titled "Another Thirteen Chapters of Belize" - as we all now know that the Great Mayan Civilization never left our northern areas and continued to resist Spanish rule before being subjugated to British rule, and their mixed-breed cousins the Mixitu ensured the Spanish never took control of the entire Atlantic Coast of the Americas within the Caribbean Sea - albeit with British protection - until the USA Monroe Doctrine and subsequent treaties (ie Clayton Bulwer and Dallas Calderon of 1850 and 1856 respectively) ended British protectorate status of the Great Mixitu Nation.

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