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Patrick Rogers Responds To PUP Spin Doctor

PATRICK ROGERS: My response to my first cousin (GeeMichael Reid) spin doctoring here on fb - trying to insinuate that the BPP are being financed by UDP..,

"1st cousin geemike - I make it a point to not comment too much on fb; however, every now and again, like now, I feel the need to join a thread and clear up some spin doctor's input.

Now, We know you switch from UDP to PUP after 1998 PUP victory and you are still with the PUP.

We also know that you never supported the independent movements here in Belize.

We also know that you have directly benefitted from playing along with this Capitalist 2-Parties System controlled by UDP and PUP.

We know you know that yours truly will never play the PUDP game braa!

Why do you keep trying to cast aspersions in the public domain like that. The BPP has never taken any money or contribution from UDP or PUP! Stop talking what you know is not so family! Nuff Love and Respect to you always family."


GeeMichael Reid all I did was to reply to a comment you made that is inaccurate and needed to be cleared up. We are committed to changing our system of government and this cannot be done through either of the two main parties of this Capitalist system. I am not a Capitalist so I CAN NEVER RUN WITH A CAPITALIST PARTY - whether Red or Blue. The BPP is a Social Democratic Party that is being built to serve the WORKING CLASS - not the OLIGARCHY and the MONARCHY! I personally have invested close to 19 years trying to explain to Belize that the problems we face can NEVER be fixed by either of the two parties that created our problems. Now if we wanted to win and go thief, we would join PUP or UDP; instead we have made a commitment to a multi generational struggle that will ensure the defeat of both the PUP and the UDP. We support multi parties and as such we have no problem with members of PUP or UDP supporting those parties; however, we will not stand by and allow people to spread propaganda unchecked!

You can find the full conversation on our political leader's Facebook page.

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