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We Need To Graduate Above The Party-Colors Issue

Andrew Williams | BPP | Cayo South

I really hope that the Belizean people graduate above the Party-Colors issue. The BPP is not a political party which intends to divide the Belizean people. For too long we have been inundated with division and divisive tactics by the PUDP. We have come to believe that this is actually how politics is suppose to be. Wrong, people. Politics and political parties are suppose to keep one or the other from overstepping their bounds and to function as a watch group on the actions of the other.

They though, are suppose to work towards the betterment and advancement of the nation as a whole. Like religion, we are supposed to be working to achieve the same goal. The difference, like religion, is how we get there. Hence, the different denominations of religion and different political parties of politics. Now folks, inject Belize and its political parties into this frame and see if the pattern fits. You'll see that in Belize, we have come to accept that the PUDP, for 30-plus years, are trying to put a square peg into a triangular hole. What's worst is that we the people have come to accept this incompetence from them both. hence today, we have educated and sane people still fighting in support of these two antiquated organizations who cannot see past the tips of their noses.

Today, we have a political party who have succeeded one of the most corrupt and devious set of people to ever led this young nation after its 30-plus years of independence. We in this country had high hopes that they would have reorganize, create, build and led Belize into prosperity and productivity. Instead, Dean Barrow pulled off a George Bush like move. (Referring to the opportunity Bush had after 9-11, when the entire world supported the United States and would have done anything the American president asked. Instead of him uniting the world, he commenced to wage senseless wars which last today). Dean Barrow, on the other hand, chose to follow his predecessors and divided, steal, manipulated, lie, cheat and is now leading the procession of infidels to systematically destroy the Christian and other religious foundation which Belize was founded and has been firmly planted on since it was founded. This political organization is involved in every kind of corruption ranging from financial, moral, social, and religious deception on the people. Yet, there are those, mostly those who are adversely affected by this very corruption, who continue to blindly support them till death-do-them-part.

These are people who science and medical studies cannot define. Now enter the BPP (Belize Progressive Party-BPP), here are a group of Belizean's who from day-one, have been weathering the political storm not only from the two corrupt and corrosive political parties, but from the very people who's victimization has caused its formation. Almost everyone in the running with the BPP are self employed. Stones, boulders, planks and storms are being hurled at the BPP from all angles by the PUDP but we continue to treck forward. The BPP does not have large sponsors and donors like that PUDP and we do not have the luxury of our own radio and TV stations like the other two, but we continue to slowly weather the storm and move forward. Along the way, we are picking up support and supporters here and there and will continue to grow.

Those standing on the outside looking in are wondering what is wrong with the People of Belize, why do they continue to support such level of corruption from government? To them, my answer is the same, "Allahu alam" (GOD knows best). I can only hope that the Belizean people wake up and take the necessary steps to right this fast sinking ship call Belize. If not, we'll one day awake to the fact that our passports will no longer be accepted at international border crossings, our currency will no longer be accepted by vendors here at home and worst, Belize will plummet into civil war. Think this is far off......hmmm, continue to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, you'll see!

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