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“Let me make it absolutely and abundantly clear that in moving from direct to indirect taxation, we are going to create more equity. More individuals will be contributing to the tax system and if we cut out the corruption of imports we can lower our taxes as well; more compliance and everybody will have a more ordered civilized and decent society. That is the mission of this administration,” - Jamaica’s Minister of Finance, Audley Shaw

Step 1: We need to address corruption, we can then have better leverage in taxing the corporations who came to Belize, that got accommodation agreements, which was based on the fact that these FDIs wanted to secure their investment.

Step 2: Restructuring the tax system, like Minister of Finance, Audley Shaw pointed out, will create more equity. It can move Belize from a beggar nation to a donor nation.

Step 3: Many of the social ills will self correct once our economy starts to boom. Lots of quality jobs will be created. Upward mobility and social justice will take effect, which will change the entire mindset and hope for the future for all Belizeans, not just the chose few.

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