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Cannabis-Infused Tourism in Belize?

The global market for cannabis-infused tourism stands at around US$494 billion and Jamaica wants a piece of it.

“What we’ve found also is that cannabis-infused experiences have added much to health and wellness across the United States,” - Minister of Tourism in Jamaica, Edumund Bartlett. Citing the US state of Colorado where bookings increased by over 175 per cent when it entered that market, and Amsterdam which has also benefited tremendously.

The Tourism Minister said Jamaica should not be a destination with only all-inclusive properties and mass tourism: “We believe that we can do product differentiation and we can do a level of product diversification which enables us to be attractive to all demographics.”

Will the Belize tourism-sector contemplate venturing into getting a piece of the US$494 billion cannabis-infused tourism market?

Read More Here: http://www.caribbean360.com/news/jamaica-hoping-get-high-cannabis-tourism#ixzz4JaSKM4gA

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