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Home Gardens Needs To Be Re-Considered

The concept of a system of home gardens needs to re reconsidered to compensate for the realities of produce and livestock production in the humid tropics.

Without secure enclosure systems, poultry livestock production, concurrent with vegetable gardening is impractical. The demands of daily maintenance and pathogen control are beyond the ability of many villagers to maintain on an continuous basis. If it were successful it would place strains on prices due to the volume that good production would create, for these and many other reasons, it might be wise to study a village Kibbutz system.

An NGO would create a team of Ag graduate lead gardeners, poultry master and possibly small ruminant herdsman and eventually food processing. They would be charged with establishing a community garden specially fenced and the Ag grad and a worker maybe two would grow the selected food products for the village. The team would be under the mentorship of the AG college they graduated from (The college and professor would receive national recognition and incentive payments for the success of their graduates).

They would be accountable for success and national recognition and bonuses would be paid to those that achieved their goals. National competition between the villages would draw public focus on achievement, not political connection. The village producing and a special team to prepare low cost meals for the public using the products grown, instead of the low income eating Raman noodles. Serve them a sweet potato stew for about the same price.

These are not lowly farmers they are the food producers of the community and need to feel proud and be compensated according to the part they play in the lives of the villagers. I think that system will sell to the multi-national AID organizations. Structured as an NGO with the profit shared by the operators of the services, AND KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT OF IT ESPECIALLY DO NOT LET THE PRODUCTION TEAM BECOME PART OF THE CIVIL EMPLOYEE MENTALITY.

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