• Doug Fox | BPP Adviser

Straw That Is Breaking The Camel's Back?

Hanjin ships, cargo and sailors stranded at sea

Could the domino effect be triggered by this to be the start of an economic breakdown or do you believe in the TOO BIG TO FAIL THEORY? The company in this report is bigger financially than the entire country (economy) of Belize.

If Belize does not have the foreign reserves and ships arriving, Belize cannot be paid in US $$'s, it will not only stall consumer goods; most fuel arriving as well; Belize will be stranded. We will have to change to overland Mexican supply which will require US $$'s as Belize $$'s are not exchangeable through the banking system.

The electricity system is dependent on Mexican supply paid in US $$'s, and we are facing 4 months of the slowest time of the year. The governor of the Central Bank was fired just before he was to retire for predicting further deterioration of the economy and the inability to pay a forthcoming debt.



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