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BPP's People's Referendum

In Keeping with our promise of championing participatory democracy, On August 26th, 2016 the Belize Progressive Party launched the People's Referendum Initiative.

To date, our online poll has received 1,322 responses. Below, please see the results thus far:

  1. Should any and all claims by Guatemala on Belize’s sovereign territory be submitted to the ICJ for final settlement? NO

  2. Should Guatemalans be given Belizean citizenship? NO

  3. Should Britain pay Guatemala to settle their claim on Belize as compensation? NO

  4. Should the LGBT portion of Section 53 of our criminal code remain the same? YES

  5. Do you think LGBT is a lifestyle choice? YES

  6. Should the Government fulfill its campaign promise of 3% salary raise to the teachers? YES

  7. Should the Government of Belize sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)? YES

  8. Should the Prime Minister form an Integrity Commission immediately before the end of 2016? YES

  9. Do you think the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) should remain active and open to the public to attend? YES

  10. Do you think the annual reports for the Ombudsman, Accountant General, Auditor General, Contractor General be tabled in the House of Representative every year, as the law requires? YES

  11. Should a Commissioner of Police be relieved of the post if found to be impartial or reluctant in executing their assigned duties? YES

  12. Legalize Marijuana in Belize? YES

  13. Should laws that affect unfair foreclosures on properties be adopted and implemented? YES

  14. Do you support a complete ban on gill net fishing? YES

  15. Do you agree that we must abolish “Ministerial discretion”? YES

  16. Do you agree that we should repeal the law against “crossing the floor” in the House of Representative? YES

  17. Do you think the results of a Referendum should be binding? YES

  18. Do you agree we should leave the Referendum Act as is, with the 60% threshold? YES

  19. The law says that all government vehicles should be parked after 5 p.m. Do you want this law to be enforced immediately? YES

  20. Do you want to know want to know who are the owners of the Belize Infrastructure Company limited? YES

  21. Do you believe those government Ministers implicated in the immigration scandal should be held accountable? YES

  22. Should the minimum wage be increased to $ 5.00 onshore (mainland) and $ 7.00 offshore (islands)? YES

  23. Should the Unions advocate for the reinstatement of the Permanent Secretary's (PS) position, to replace the current CEO positions in all Ministries? YES

If you have not yet participated in our Online Poll, please do so today, and show that you support and want a nation governed with real participatory democracy. The poll closes on September 20th, 2016.

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