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PRESS RELEASE | "BPP Celebrates Its First Anniversary By Giving Back to the Community"

Belize Progressive Party's First Anniversary

Belmopan | October 1st, 2016


"BPP Celebrates Its First Anniversary By Giving Back to the Community"

Today marks the first anniversary of the party that is “The New Political Consciousness of Belize”...your Belize Progressive Party - BPP. In commemoration of this occasion, the BPP has chosen to provide a community service. In keeping with the annual recognition of the International Day of Older Persons, the BPP shall give back, to a group that often goes unnoticed and is unfortunately, at times, forgotten...our senior citizens. The BPP will visit three senior care facilities throughout the country, namely: The Sister Cecilia Home in Belize City, the Golden Haven Facility in Hattieville and the Octavia Waight Home in San Ignacio, at which time they shall provide care packages for each resident. A special feature of this occasion involves the donation of a classic “Kennedy Rocking Chair”, one to each facility, courtesy of Hummingbird Furnishings Ltd. of Belmopan. This particular style of chair came to notoriety by way of former US President John F. Kennedy’s affinity for that style of rocker. We trust the inclusion of this 100% Belizean-made, quality product, shall provide hours of leisurely enjoyment for our seniors, at each of the three facilities. The BPP extends heartfelt thanks to the benevolent contributors who made this effort possible. It is in keeping with the fundamental premise of service, your BPP has embarked on this community effort and encourages all Belizeans to provide senior citizens with the love, respect and subsequent dignity they deserve. Our senior citizens are “golden”, for they represent a vital connection to our nation’s history, which is critical toward shaping Belize’s future, as their wealth of wisdom is immeasurable. With that your Belize Progressive Party extends a heartfelt acknowledgement to all senior citizens, nationwide, as we celebrate the BPP’s first anniversary, with you. In addition, the BPP wishes to reiterate its solidarity with the BNTU and all our social partners in their efforts to ensure that good governance practises and principles prevail in our beloved nation of Belize, for we recognise that devoid of this fundamental tenet, future generations of Belizeans may not be able to enjoy the stability and peace of mind that should accompany one in their golden years.

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