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Your Belize Progressive Party - BPP Celebrates One Year Anniversary

One year ago, a small group of brave, progressive, and visionary Belizeans set out to consolidate the non-PUDP and independent elements throughout Belize’s political landscape. Given an environment that is inherently either hostile, dismissive or at times both, toward anything outside the scope of the oppressive PUDP, this was by no means an easy task. Yet through unity of purpose, it resulted in the formation of what is truly “A New Political Consciousness”, your Belize Progressive Party - BPP, whose nexus is the proactive: maintenance, defence and sustainable development of our Belizean patrimony...all 8,867 square miles and nothing less!

With a firm grounding which acknowledges the supremacy of God as our foundation, the BPP is the only, political party that effectively asserts adherence to the principles and subsequent practises attributed to Good Governance, as its mainstay. In keeping with this mantra, our founding members are recognised for their unwavering consistency in championing anti-corruption for nearly two decades.

With the snap election called by the Prime Minister, some six weeks following our inception, we were thrust directly into the political fray. Despite the short timeframe, we contested 25 of 31 constituencies with a continued commitment to transparency and accountability in campaign financing.

The BPP called for Belize to sign on to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and in keeping with our campaign commitment during the 2015 General Elections, on Dec. 9th 2015, on the anniversary of the inception of the UNCAC, we conducted a symbolic signing outside the building which houses the Prime Minister’s Office, in Belize City, to highlight our resolve on this issue of paramount concern. We shall not rest until Belize effectively demonstrates its commitment to this vital convention, via its full adoption. As with all organisations, since its inception, we have undergone the inevitable stages of development which accompanies growth. To date, we have established our National Headquarters in Belize City, along with an ever-increasing national support base, as well as an impressive social media presence, featuring our website, facebook and Twitter accounts, thereby increasing the avenues of mutual communication with Belizeans and true friends of Belize, both at home and abroad. In short order, we shall introduce an internet radio station, to complement our print media publication “The Progressive”. Belize is at a critical juncture, amid the state of tyranny under which the nation is being governed by an elitist and belligerent administration. Yet your BPP recognises that even beyond this reality, key to placing Belize on the appropriate path, is the need to: (1) reform the flawed system which allows for elected officials to run amuck of the law by ensuring the Rule of Law is adhered to, (2) invest in Belize’s human resources, as well as the productive sector, (3) restructure the tax system to ensure that those who are shirking their obligations are made to pay their fair share and (4) increase citizen participation in the governance process. It is with this consciousness and vision that your BPP shall transform Belize socially, economically and politically via charting a course toward sustainable human development. Your Belize Progressive Party is committed to serving the people of this nation as never before. Therefore, on this, our first anniversary, we encourage Belizeans one and all to join us and our social partners in our firm stance against corruption by demanding better governance from all elected officials across the board. Only the people can enact the necessary change and with your help the BPP stands ready to serve.

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Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!



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