• Abdulmajeed K Nunez

BPP Philosophy

BPP Executive Meeting - October 22 2016

A Garifuna sister inboxed me Asking what is BPP’s philosophy is I replied “Au bun, amürü nu” ‘I am we’, ‘I for you, you for me’ It’s not about the me it’s about we’ Your BPP is Social Democratic party Distinct from a Democratic socialist party

Democratic socialist seek to eliminate free enterprise BPP's goal is to facilitate procedures and processes in the people’s best interest Taking the side of the unions and good governance Forging a model for the territory Conscious of the cultural diversities BPP won’t stifle creativity BPP will regulate the economy In a developing country Protecting local industry Your BPP is a Labour party Your BPP believes in multiple parties

BPP is driven by labour ideology Balancing freedom and solidarity Breaking this PUDP monopoly BPP is about attaining social justice in Belize In proportional representation BPP believes Each person getting a slice of the pie After 35 year of PUDP lie Fighting each other for control of the pie BPP believes our people need more than crumbs to get by Together we get a bigger piece of the pie

BBP is not about us borrowing ourselves into prosperity BPP is a solution driven party BPP is about creating industry BPP is not about replacing PUDP BPP is not about fighting PUDP BPP is not just about victory Or we could have filled the void for a liberal party By taking liberalist money BPP is about changes systematically BPP is about building from the ground up BPP needs genuine youth and women to step up But they have to buy into the ideology first We are true to our conviction That is the key to our situation

BY: Abdulmajeed K Nunez

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