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BPP Tenure Policy

Public Service Union of Belize

Tenure Policy

For Barrow and his clan Implemented an almost brilliant plan To quell all possible dissension First by infiltrating the union Then centralizing government under the guise of legal reform Making open vote and contract workers the new norm Being able to kill dissension where ever it is born

One third of GoB employees Are in the open vote and contract workers category This is data unknown to most folks This type of manipulation is no joke One twenty years open vote worker had to take it to the courts This was concocted in 2005 To ensure the shit stem never takes a dive Belizeans open unu eyes So 2016 Teechaz movement was already neutralized It’s time for open vote and contract workers to out cry

Open vote in actuality Means you’re temporary permanently Open vote and Contract workers have no stability Until they are appointed permanently This is how the Executive manipulates the Judiciary This is how they ensure conformity This how they get false loyalty This is modern day slavery

Your BPP has a policy As is done in other territory Once you are employed one year continuously Appraisals are above competency You will be hired permanently No one will be terminated conveniently Months before pension or gratuity BPP will restore tenure and job security

What’s the union’s future? PSU,APSSM, with no proposals to counter Unlike BNTU they do not consult their members Unable to be in solidarity with the Teechaz Corruption is in every sphere Barrow has tentacle everywhere Restructure Public Service for years Taking away tenure People are living in fear BPP will ensure judges and magistrate tenure With the safety and health bill implemented for every worker Making it mandatory for everyone to be a union member

BY: Abdulmajeed K Nunez

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