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BPP Will Give Free Education

BPP Will Give Free Education

Free Education

BPP is committed to free education For all school aged Belizean Youth being the highest population Let's not forget the women of the nation It’s unachievable by PUDP administration Who refuse to change the method of taxation? We will save million By stopping the corruption in lands By implementing proper passport, visa and citizen application To be reinvested invested in education

Anyone whose studies abroad Can attest they’re not treated the same as those from yaad They are taxed haad Up to ninety dollar a credit hour So Belize have fi do better Education has a dollar figure We can’t di pet and powder Guatemala Everything has a dollar figure Our children deserve better

Mexico dah fi Mexicans Guatemala is for Guatemalans But Belize seems like dah fi everyone Guatemalans no fi get free education in our nation Guatemalans no fi di get free transportation When Belizean go study dah eny foreign land We don’t get those concessions Guatemalans neva mi di respect fi we immigration

We’re glad there have been some corrections To their 35 years exploitation Guatemalans now pay transportation They now have to check with the immigration Now their students need to pay something toward defraying cost Time, material and teaching aids and charts Divide the teaching expense and give them tuition Even if done at a concession Divide it among all the Guatemalans students In secret heart and other borderline institution they can pay in installments

By : Abdulmajeed K Nunez

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