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BPP Executive 2016

November 7th, 2016



On Saturday, 4th December 2016 the Belize Progressive Party - BPP held its inaugural National Party Congress (NPC), at the Party’s headquarters in Belize City.

The business of the BPP over the past year were presented and discussed, via an overview of achievements, initiatives and developments. The Party’s financials were conferred and a reiteration of the BPP’s ideology of Social Democracy/LABOUR, the Party’s image and the issue of solidarity were examined. In addition, the Executive reviewed the the significance of the roles attributed to “politics” versus “activism”. The way forward was also examined, which entailed: strategy, recruitment, development and outreach. An election to instate an Executive, in place of the existing Pro-Tem body, was conducted with the following results - Chairman - Paco Smith; Deputy Chair - Jennifer Arzu-Williams; Secretary General - Hipolito Bautista; Deputy Secretary General - Pearlene Jones; Treasurer - Elizabeth Dena; Deputy Treasurer - Dennis Smith; Public Relations Director - Charles Leslie, Jr.; Deputy Public Relations Director - Melva Gabourel; with Patrick Rogers and Wil Maheia returning as Political Leader and Deputy Political Leader, respectively. Several resolutions were passed which included: an Annual Membership Fee, a Social Media Protocol and Discipline.

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Of particular significance, given the GOB’s recent admission of its intent to amend Belize’s Referendum Act, a Special Resolution - “THE BPP DECRIES THE GOB’S DECISION TO AMEND BELIZE’S REFERENDUM ACT” was also passed, in which the Party “VEHEMENTLY and COMPLETELY REJECTS the Government of Belize’s insistence to amend Belize’s Referendum Act, to facilitate the demands of the Government of Guatemala, in their nefarious attempt to smooth the way to garner a “yes” vote on the question, of whether Belize agrees to have the ICJ adjudicate the unfounded Guatemalan claim. It is the staunch position of the BPP, that the decision of the GOB is not only treacherous, but also detrimental to the their responsibility of ensuring that the wellbeing of the nation of Belize remains paramount.” The BPP, unlike the ever-changing position of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, reiterated its resolute position of “NO to the ICJ!” With the successful hosting of its first National Party Congress, the BPP is confident moving forward, that both its principles and members are aligned with the agreed upon determination of Social Democracy being the rudder which shall serve to steer its path, toward being the Labour Party of the nation.

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