• Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

Social Justice

The Aet of Change and the Act of Social Justice

Social justice can be achieve in four steps Here is the concept Until a new regime takes power the paradigm won’t shift So the working class can benefit First we have to accept the basic hypothesis That we are all eena this All for one and one for all Indian, chief or battle washer, a dignified life for all After a 40 hour working week We each deserve a descent piece Once established, onward to building the political will Two out of ten people to align with a labour party still Then onwards to the tipping point in the territory Forming the government of the country Then the third step will come naturally We take control of natural resources of the territory Not only human but physically And the corporations resource in country All that forms part of the macro economy Making the government a referee Between organize business and labour Allowing them to be their own self regulator Not through nationalisation But taxation and regulation Effectively controlling corporations Operating in the nation It’s a shift in paradigm, Acceptance of their role as good cooperate citizens They way they respect that laws governing private citizens Individual actions They too as corporations Must respect the laws and regulation That governs their operations in our territory Starting with respecting workers’ dignity Unionizing and organizing labour force Organizing businesses, will be the new course All Belize must join this discourse The Chamber of Commerce Should focus on Commerce Leaving an organizing association to emerge Organizing businesses by sectors of the economy Multiple organizations for business Expanding labour, organized labour force as a prerogative Then forming their own collective bargaining agreement per sector Setting agriculture at a low figure Yet allowing it to be beneficial to the farmer It must not be a free market Meaning free from regulation as they often interpret Belize must profit The absence of regulation creates poverty We must ensure the wealth is distributed evenly We need a regulated market Understanding certain sectors will be nationalized Government will be decentralized Banana should have been nationalized Dangriga workers cooperate ownership would have been realized By: Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

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