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Of late, due to the intense pressure that was brought to bare on the Prime Minister Dean

Oliver Barrow, several noteworthy “developments” have come about. Bearing this in mind, I call Belizeans both at home and abroad to remain steadfast in demanding accountability and transparency from all elected officials.

Indeed, recently, yet under duress I might add, the Prime Minister finally relented and made appropriation for his administration to sign on to the UNCAC. Of note, he conveniently was not on hand to sign it himself. Recently, the long awaited Integrity Commission was formed and in all honesty, I have little confidence in that body, to do what is right for the nation because among them is one of the most culpable individuals, as it relates to the government-entrenched schemes which continue to grossly enrich the haves and, in turn, maintain the depravity of those in need. Yet again, this development was not a result of the PM’s unyielding commitment toward ensuring that good governance practises and principles become the rule, as opposed to the exception. Instead, it is was the result more akin to that of Dean Barrow’s begrudging, conditional surrender to the power of the people. In other words, despite his dogged proscription to do everything in his power to facilitate the ongoing PUDP corruption, the pressure brought on, courtesy of the BNTU, prescribed that such steps be taken. This is testimony to the fact that had it not been for the commitment of the teachers, things would have undoubtedly remained ‘business as usual’, which is the unbridled: facilitation, perpetration, perpetuation and promulgation of corrupt practises, with impunity, by the PUDP powers that be.

What the Dean Barrow administration is doing, in consort with their cohorts in crime, that being Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, is a blatant attempt at carrying-out a slight of hand. In one hand they purport to do the right thing, thereby seeking to distract the people from their other dastardly undertakings. Of late, did you realise the price of fuel raised again and at one point the cost of Regular equalled that of Premium? There is the ongoing mismanagement which is the fiasco of the BTL settlement with the Ashcroft Group. This has resulted in Belize being placed even further behind the proverbial “8 ball”. Throw into the mix, the PM’s insistence on playing chicken with the nation’s well-being, by way of expressly stating via press release, that the GOB shall not pay for the PUP’s corruption! Therein lies the reality of the PUDP, that at the end of the day, our words reign true. After 36 years of incompetent, inconsiderate and ineffective PUDP rule, neither camp can escape the fact that Belize is in this current, untenable situation due to their greed, corruption and selfishness. As for anyone who cares to dispute this, I shall simply say that if such is your desire, there is absolutely no question you are living in your own, altered-state of reality because the finger-pointing between ‘red’ and ‘blue’ cannot be denied. To boot, as an example of their gross negligence, let us not forget that beyond the smoke and mirrors of signing on to the UNCAC, a majority of our elected officials have yet to comply with Belize’s Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA), by either (1) not declaring their assets and/or (2) paying the requisite fines for non-adherence. As testimony to this intentional transgression, kindly recognise that neither the UDP, nor the PUP, have dared to acknowledge this issue in its entirety. What about the much-needed re-registration? That exercise is long overdue, yet the powers that be on neither side of the aisle have taken the steps to ensure it is conducted. Yet there are some among us who still try to disavow the fact that both, major political parties are part and parcel of a symbiotic relationship in which “hand wash hand” and beyond vying for control of the legislature, in the end, they function much like a cartel, which maintains the status quo of corruption, meanwhile seeking to restrict any newcomers into the political arena, in particular those who shall not participate in their treachery. Rest assured, your BPP is here to stay and once Belizeans come to grips with the fact that the existing PUDP system caters only to a select few, who fleece this nation’s resources with impunity, then shall they embrace the only viable option to the intentional dysfunction..the BPP! This takes us to the ongoing, existential and unfounded claim by Guatemala to our sovereign territory. Through successive PUDP administrations, Guatemala has incrementally secured more of Belize, via various means. Yet the most despicable of all, is their gains made through the facilitation of those who have sworn to serve Belize. Since 2008, the principles in the BPP have decried the Compromis, as being not in Belize’s best interest. Along the way we have been ridiculed, yet we remain steadfast in our conviction. With the bipartisan determination to sell-out Belize by lowering the threshold of Belize’s Referendum Act, to 50%, on the behest of Guatemala, it is proof-positive of the the PUDP’s FAILED “4A Policy” of: APPEASEMENT, ACQUIESCENCE, ACCOMMODATION and ADHERENCE. Since our elected officials chose to change Belize’s laws in order to satisfy the Guatemalans, hopefully, non, it is absolutely clear that a “Fifth Columnist” element exists and is operating from Independence Hill, in Belmopan. This cannot be tolerated, for such facilitation has set the tone for Belize to be hoodwinked at the ICJ, if Belizeans do not wake-up and understand that our territorial integrity must not be left to the jurisprudence of the supposedly learned justices that sit on that body. In no uncertain terms, I reiterate that going to the ICJ, under the conditions set forth by the ever-changing Compromis/Special Agreement is fool’s gold. Via the Compromis and given the changes that have been made, none of which have benefited Belize, coupled with Guatemala’s unchecked intransigence, the deck is firmly stacked against our nation. For goodness sake, the Guatemalans have fundamentally annexed our side of the Sarstoon River, meanwhile carving out an even more disturbing niche for their people to further erode our fish stocks and increasingly damage our natural environment. The Guatemalans have been so emboldened by the the ineptitude of the Barrow administration, that they have issued fisheries regulations which clearly include Belize’s territorial waters. In addition, they continue to illegally enter our nation via the Western Border and persist in pillaging our natural reserves in the Chiquibul National Forest Reserve and adjoining areas, through to the South. Amid all this, the GOB remains mum, yet they continue to facilitate Guatemalan’s every demand. To this I say, without hindrance that the decisions being undertaken by those in positions of influence are clearly not in the best interest of our nation and therefore should be considered treasonous. We must face reality because burying our heads in the sand and treating these issues as though the best interest of Belize is being fulfilled, by a lame-duck government shall no longer cut it. Belizeans and true friends of Belize, make no bones about it, our nation is under siege and the culpable parties are on both sides of the border. It is instructive to know who your enemies are, yet more importantly, it is imperative to recognise the facts and act accordingly. In the most definitive of terms, I call shame of the all elected officials who both willingly and willfully shirk their responsibility to act in the best interest of the nation. The wholesale sell-out by the PUDP, of our nation to the Guatemalans and the Corporatocracy, which is fueled by crony capitalism must come to an end, for if we do not act now, there will be very little remaining of our nation, for us to: appreciate, secure, defend and conserve for future generations. Belizeans and true friends of Belize, we are a nation in distress and only we can save ourselves. Therefore, I implore you to take the initial step toward achieving this goal, by lending your support to the only political party that is capable of uplifting the nation. Provide your input, insights, resources and above all, contribute to the cause via investing sweat equity. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your Belize Progressive Party - BPP remains resolute, that we shall change this system and rescue Belize from the clutches of PUDP corruption. It can be done, it shall be done and your active participation will make all the difference. With this in mind, I remind you that the first, definitive test shall come on the day of the referendum. Do your part by voting a resounding “NO to the ICJ!”, so as to ensure the current geographical borders of our nation remain unchanged. God bless one and all and I invite you to join the BPP in a renewed commitment toward doing what is necessary to make Belize a safer, more secure and increasingly more equitable society. In 2017, this requires that we secure our border by stemming the tide of all Guatemalan encroachment, bar none.. Therefore, kindly remember, the true “power” resides with you...the people. 8867 Today 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever

Belize Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

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