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How To Develop Belmopan

What Happens When Politicians Focus On The 'WHAT':

Do you know why this Belmopan City Council, with guidance from the Area Representative, will call a meeting tomorrow...

...a meeting they have not yet put out an agenda for...

...to explain to you why property taxes were hiked (without your consultation)...

...and why things are going sideways, upside down, and many instances, backward...

...do you know why?

Because these people have no idea what they are doing, no idea that the first thing any business person does, when planning on WHAT they want to do, is to figure out HOW they will do it.

We Will Focus On The 'HOW':

We will continue to fix current streets, pave new streets, build sports complexes and more, however we will focus FIRST and foremost on HOW we will do all these things.

See, John Saldivar, Khalid Belisle, as the elected leaders, made all sorts of grandiose promises to residents of Belmopan, and that's fine, the things they proposed are needed and necessary, it is called in economics - progress.

However, what they have not focused one ounce of energy on, is HOW they will pay for all these developments.

Their HOW was and is to borrow, borrow, borrow. Debt, debt, debt, and of course, they pass that debt burden off on the residents via hiked property taxes, and they will have to hike trade license fees, automobile license fees and more, to pay for these debts.

Are John Saldivar and Khalid Thinking Right?

Many people in this city are already stretched thin, financially: Single mothers are already working 3 jobs; one to pay the babysitter, one to pay the rent and bills, and one to eat.

Elderly people are seeing that they are getting less and less spending power from their pensions.

More and more youths are not even bothering to start businesses, they are desperately looking for jobs, any job.

Business owners don't even want to expand. Many don't feel like there is a fair playing field, red tape to expand is an inhibition, and they don't feel that all the hassles are worth the effort, since their ROI won't increase very much due to high operational costs, and now they are contemplating being taxed to death.

Let Us Use Tried And Proven Business Practices:

The very first thing I did when I became the first independent Chairman of Placencia, in 2010, was to do a full audit on the financial situation of the Council.

I then made sure that I made all the necessary steps and decisions, with proper consultation and participation from the business community and the community at large, to make sure that we avoided increasing the cost of living for residents.

Quite the contrary: I made sure to focus on increasing efficiency, which helped reduce cost, and allowed me to fulfill my mandate without borrowing one single dollar.

HOW We Will Pay For The WHAT

My first 5 year term as Area Representative of Belmopan, I will focus on making sure that Belmopan becomes efficient, and creates new streams of revenue without transferring that burden on residents and businesses.

This is the HOW we will pay for the WHAT

The first draft of my "realistic and doable" manifesto for Belmopan is completed. I will be meeting with my team this week to finalize and then launch.

It's time we focus on the HOW...and the WHAT will come naturally, without putting this

entire city and its youths, into the abyss of debt burden.

Charles Leslie Jr.


BPP | Political Leader | Belmopan


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