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Dubai is the city with the largest carbon footprint on Earth!




Josh Gates travels to Dubai to experience everything the city has to offer from sunset to sunrise. Whether he's feeding sharks, riding shotgun with a VIP concierge service or catching a falcon from a hot air balloon, it's all in a night's work for Josh in the crown jewel of the Middle East.


I believe that one of the objectives in life should be that you strive to learn something new each day.

Last night while watching an episode of Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates..."After Dark" (incidentally, I love that show), I was enlightened to find out that Dubai is the city with the largest carbon footprint on Earth!

Now for someone who prides himself as being conservation-conscious, the distinction held by Dubai is nothing to brag about. Essentially, such acknowledgement assists to put into perspective, the essence of sustainable development.

Indeed, based on what I saw, Dubai is an "impressive" city, built in the desert, but all that it takes to maintain and upkeep such a development is seemingly proving extremely damaging to the environment. One of the reasons cited involves what is required to desalinate sea water, in order to keep the city running.

Paco Smith

Paco Smith | Chairman | BPP

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