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Good night, a question was posted earlier today asking why did people sign up with BPP.

I just signed up 2 minutes ago, and the reason I did so is because I believe that my beloved nation is in dire need of a change in leadership. A change from the PUDP system, a change of mentality, a change of governance and, simply, in every context of the word Belize needs CHANGE.

I am of 22 years of age, and attending the university of Belize (student of Mr. Paco) and thanks to my educated mind I have been able to step out of the PUDP system and look at Belize's politics on a whole and see what's wrong. What saddens me is that there's too much wrongs in our government. Wrongs that neither party will fix due to the feud they have with each other. Our strong parties only help themselves and that is utterly disgusting.

I never believed a day would come when a third party would present itself for the long run, but the BPP did. From what I'm seeing so far your party is trying to break the shackles that are constraining this beautiful nation and for that I applaud you.

I've signed up to be aware, to hope to make a difference, to better my country, and to simply break away from the PUDP system that is bringing havoc among my Belize.

I hope that BPP can become stronger and a force to reckon with. As a young person, I just pray for change.

Thank you.


It is very easy to join the Belize Progressive Party. Simply fill out this short form on our website.

We also ask for a $10 per year contribution to help us keep the party functional. A monthly financial report will be sent to all members.



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