• Richard Harrison | MBA


In Belize....parents buy gangsta clothes for their kids...the popular "style" is for young girls and guys showing off their underwear and brassiere straps to the public...dressing like HO's is soooo cool....they buy gangsta music for their kids....nightclubs feature packed gangsta parties for youth of all backgrounds with gangsta artists and lyrics from Jamaica and all over...MTV and other destructive USA pop-culture is bombarded to them 24/7 in their living rooms and not-so-living-rooms...the young girls are all Kardashians, Gaga's or Minaj's...even latin kids dont listen to or dance to latin music or participate in latin culture...they are more gangsta than the gangstas....they party with the gangstas....they tatoo up themselves like gangstas...a young person is not cool if they dont talk, act and dress like gangsta and keep gangsta buddies...the kids copy the first-world social rejects (tourists?) who come here and parade proudly with their gangsta drug and mating buddies....they hail the gangsta life....their kids take gifts and drugs from the gangstas...and when drugged out....they give their bodies to the gangstas, and the parents maintain their gangsta grandchildren...the daughters take from their hardworking parents to give to the gangstas...they pimp off their "friends" to their gangsta buddies....the gangstas walk in and out of their house with no respect and take what they want as they please....lawyers, teachers and politicians dress and behave like gangstas and take money and gifts from the chief gangstas....the school system allows the gangstas to hang around schools with their fancy rides and peddle drugs for sex with high school and college kids....the police and prison officials hang out with the gangstas...the government negotiates with gangstas and pay them with taxpayers money to keep quiet leading up to elections....even businessmen associate with the gangstas and use them to do their dirty work...Belize has done this for the past 20 years...Belize has invested a lot of energy and resources in building this GANGSTA CULTURE.....now when the GANGSTERISM has taken root in Belize....Belize bawling and hollerin....GANGSTA ME SEH! 😔

By Richard Harrison

#youthculture #culture

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