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What's GOB's strategy for the Sarstoon?

What gives in the Sarstoon? The proverbial Elephant in the room.

GAF harassing Belizean civilians


BELIZE CITY, Mon. Jan. 23, 2017–The best way for Belizeans to arm themselves in battling against the territorial differendum with Guatemala is not with guns but with knowledge. Despite the rising demand for greater public education efforts, there is no budget specifically allocated by the Government of Belize to finance public education campaigns.

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This unfortunate unfounded claim( differendum) has confounded even the British for centuries.

A major concern remains the Sarstoon. What's the protocol? Is there even an established protocol other than the GAF demanding we get a by your leave from them?

Can Belizeans safely venture to that Sarstoon area without being accosted by GAF personnel?

More importantly, what's the Guatemalan military and political strategy as it relates to the Sarstoon?

Any Belizean can venture to Jalacte, Bengue Viejo Del Carmen Border or anywhere along the Adjacency Zone (AZ) all disputed areas without fear of being harass by the GAF soldiers. What makes the Sarstoon different?

Why's Guatemala aggressively and belligerently asserting its effective control down there?

Will there ever be an established AZ or Confidence Building Measures( CBM) before any referendum vote or will the status quo remain as is in the Sarstoon?

Whether rhetorical questions or not, they are of major concern.

Belizeans, you are not opposing GOB because you dare ask what's going on in the Sarstoon?

That doesn't mean you are a rebel rouser. As citizens we all have a right to know. After all, our anthem reads from proud Rio Hondo to Old Sarstoon.

Labeling those of us that are seeking to increase our contemporary understanding of this whole issue as clueless, crazy, alarmist, or some other adjectives not suitable to say here is counter productive.

Just because it may be in opposition to your position it doesn't make us enemies.

All we are doing is seeking a rational and thoughtful policy position on the status of the Sarstoon.

We hope GOB can provide these answers in their ongoing information campaign.

It raises the very pressing question what's GOB's strategy for the Sarstoon?

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