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Whose Fingerprints Were Used? | Belize Senate Inquiry Saga Continues...

If biometric data was part of the requirements to acquire a Belize passport. Hence, the million dollar question...

Belize Senate Saga Continues

Whose fingerprints were used?

Consider the infamous Citizen Kim: He was in jail at the time he received Belize citizenship.

However, in the police report required for naturalization and his passport photo a finger print was used.

It raises several questions who's print is it?

Can it be matched within the system?

The 3M system have a finger print matching system built-in.

The person who's finger print they use on the police report for naturalization had to be the print of someone involved with a direct link to the fraud and forgery.

They needed fingerprints for the photo as well.

Recall that at the senate hearing R. Bol Jr. mentioned fingerprints were part of the bio-data captured.


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