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At the Very Least GOB Should Seek a Legal Opinion on the Sarstoon Pre-ICJ.

Guatemala armed forces has occupied the Sarstoon for years now.

This annexation is part of their military and political strategy of effective control.

GAF invading Belize

Yet, Belize continues to dismiss and ignore this fact.

There's no mention of the Sarstoon by Belizean authorities as they doggedly press on with their propaganda for the ICJ.

In all the history of this unfounded claim Guatemala had never until now blatantly and belligerently occupied any part of Belize's territory.

The changing events on the ground are completely ignored as GOB is not insisting on a clarification by Guatemala City as it relates to the Sarstoon.

Instead GOB has adopted the Guatemalans' position of a wait and see approach.

Let the ICJ decide who the Sarstoon belongs to and it's use.

The legal opinion that is so highly thought of makes no mention of the changing dynamics since it was written.

At the very least GOB should seek a legal opinion on the Sarstoon Pre-ICJ.

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