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Meet The BPP | Dr. Javier Reyes | Northern Executive Member of the Belize Progressive Party

About Dr Javier Reyes

Mission: Belizeans by nature are industrious and intelligent people and by capitalizing on these virtues we can obtain the best (engineers, architects, doctors, etc.) professionals to propel this beautiful jewel to another era of prosperity and equality.

Our youths are the most formidable asset to our country and yet remain the most vulnerable and unattended. Sport professionals is not only a dream, it is attainable, with adequate education and sporting facilities, training camps and proper training we can have the best athletes in the world. We are a caring society and that should be reflected in our health system across the country.

Our Primary, secondary and tertiary health institutions will be properly equipped and staffed so as to ensure the best quality of service there is.

We should be proactive in embracing international organizations offering state of the art services and treatment to our communities. Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and lupus are depriving us from our beloved family members and we must intervene now.

NHI rollout nationwide is a must.

Dialysis services, mammogram screening and screening for other malignancies are necessary step towards our ultimate goals. Prevention is better than cure!


My vision is for the creation of an enabling environment, where equal opportunities are available for the development of our beloved nation, Belize.

Where our children can look to the past and recognize that effective corrective measures were taken so as to inherit them with vast opportunities and to be players and not mere observers in this everlasting and dynamic world.

About Pearlene Jones Northern Executive Member of the Belize Progressive Party

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