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Turmeric Project | Your Assistance is Needed

Salucio Chiac, a very ambitious young man from the Punta Gorda district, has embarked on an initiative to produce turmeric and bring it to the local and international market.

He has also embarked on training local farmers.

He reports, along with pictures: " These are the Farmers I was training for the Turmeric project. This was the beginning. Now they are planting individual plots and I'm expecting a crop next year. I'll be marketing their products. On a fair price"

He went on to say: "I started a nursery of spices and delivered plant stock to farmers. I'm on a fund raiser for this nursery. I am actively seeking sources funds to cover cost of this nursery project. I am covering at least 40% in my own...all I am looking for is a little push."

Being a permaculture farmer who specializes in turmeric, he also sells seed stock to Eric and Cindy Noel for their project, Sowing Seeds in Belize.

His true intentions are to deliver seeds to farmers, so they can plant what he markets for them.

Salucio Chiac Turmeric famer in Beliize

Salucio Chiac (center) talking about turmeric to a group of local Belizean farmers

He is especially looking for someone who can help him with grant writing proposals.

Anyone out there who would like to assist Mr. Chiac with this valuable project, you can reach him at:

Email: saluciochiac@hotmail.com

Cell: (501)-626-1628

Mr. Chiac lives in San Antonio Village, Toledo District, Belize. He works with farmers from all around the district.

We will be reporting further on the progress of his turmeric project in southern Belize.

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