• Doug Fox | BPP Adviser

Work Ethics among our Belizean Youths

Kids need to learn how to work just like they need to learn every thing else in life.

We just had a 19 year old that had quit school after his 2nd form and started a job working with our chickens.

He could not take instructions and I had to work with him or over him all day.

There was some dirty work of cleaning the floor and loading the truck but he dragged and then if I went in for a few minutes he went to the toilet so often I almost asked if he had diarrhea or was sick.

The second day he stayed home, did not feel good. But he showed up the third day and I had to work side-by-side to even set a pace that would get the job done.

He perfected standing and staring as I demonstrated and I finally pointed out that he could not shovel manure and work his cell phone at the same time.

He asked me what work he would have to do the next day and at 3:15 he sat down and quit on the spot.

He could not keep up with an 81 year old arthritic with a fractured spine.

He advised my wife that he did not want to work that hard and was going to go back to his previous job that paid him sometimes.

And this was not really hard labor, If he had been working in the field he could not have lasted two or three hours.

I watch the younger folks in town and their is no fire in them.

We had kitchen workers that did not want to touch a raw chicken as we prepped it for cooking, much less get them to clean a live chicken.


Ask them: how many could prepare the food they eat? They need to learn the mind-set to work.


Work can be tiring and should be. But, it is not dirty per se. This is especially evident among public workers: they have an air of the dominate or superior that initiates resentment.

This society must learn they cannot eat from a cell phone and learn the reality from the sweat of thy brow.........While not to excess but children should be taught to work.....


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