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The Power of a Fifty Dollar Bill to Save Belize

You are now a $50 a month sponsor of the Belize Progressive Party.

You reminisce:

you are sitting in your office, filing your monthly taxes, based on a flat tax system.

You are sitting at your beautiful rosewood desk...made right here in Belize...by a 100% Belize-owned company. A business that expands every year, creating dozens of jobs more...every year.

You have a Belizean flag on your wall, made in Belize, by Belizean-owned companies that has to be members of the Flag Manufactures Association of Belize (FMAB), and has to certify that their Belizean flags have been made in Belize of materials that are domestic in origin and that all processes in every step of its manufacture were completed in Belize facilities with Belize labor.

A great sense of patriotism moves up and down your body like shock waves...you get goosebumps.

You pick up the phone and call the National Bank of Belize customer service department.


You are waiting for final approval of a loan to expand your business due to cheap capital being available to you.

You are getting this loan approved based on the fact that you deserve it, not because you are well-connected politically.

You reflect and remember when the Belize Progressive Party officially launched on October 1st 2015.

25 brave Belizeans fought through fear and put their names on the ballot.

And you said to yourself at that time - "these people and that political party will be gone in a few months...just like all the other third parties before them."

You are happy you were wrong.

You open a letter that was hand-delivered by the BPP political leader.

It's an invitation to the inauguration of yet another phase of an alternative-energy project.

You were invited, as all members of the private sector were. The BPP knew that energy, especially cheap energy, is the main ingredient for any country to create wealth for its people. And it is the private-sector who need affordable energy, so as to grow...and create more and more jobs.

You call your maintenance guy and make sure he checks the solar system for your factory facilities as well as your home.


The BPP made sure the net-metering initiative was rolled out promptly with continued tweaking, and that you have access to duty exemption and reduced duty to get solar system equipment into the country.

Your business and home now help supply power to the grid. Everyone is benefiting. We are becoming more and more energy independent.

You get home and turn on the evening news and you notice more and more good news are filling the slots. Positive things are happening all over the country...

...and it is not because of borrowing more billions and begging for grants from all over the place...but by policy-makers applying:

  • Meritocracy

  • Pragmatism

  • Transparency and accountability

Making it easier and easier for the Belizean people to buy into and support projects all across the country...

...national and international confidence increases...quality foreign investors starts pouring in...and they have no problem paying their fair share of taxes...

...no more secret, accommodation agreements...

...no need to borrow our children's future into oblivion.

"WOW!" you say to yourself, as you breath a sigh of relief - "participatory democracy... proportional representation...an entire new system that is working."

This soliloquy echoes, softly... peacefully, in your office.


You tear up a little as you ponder deeply - "all I had to do was give those guys in the green party a chance. I didn't realize how much they were sacrificing to save: themselves, our country, us...and all they asked for at the beginning was a small commitment of $50 a month."


Fellow Belizeans, 50 dollar bills have been used to rape this country and its people, especially our young Belizeans...please, contribute $50 per month and help us have a fighting chance...to save Belize...

...we will never compromise...our country and our people cannot afford it anymore...

...with your support we can. Together we will.

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