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Our beloved nation is beset with challenges which are born from the misguided trust that has been placed in the PUDP over the past 36 years, as well as our people’s unwillingness to face the fact that nothing better shall come by way of that toxic political union. This is where your BPP, shall fill the void of leadership, which plagues our nation. Admittedly, with each passing day, new scandals emerge. There are some who believe the BPP should comment on every single one. My view is that although we would like to, it is more important for the BPP to remain focused on the task at hand and we must therefore leave the unbridled persistence concerning the brunt of the various issues to the activist community. That being said, once we continue to ensure the BPP remains firmly rooted in ensuring adherence to the Rule of Law across the board and establishing the preeminence of Good Governance Principles and Practises, it should remain clear to one and all that the BPP remains attuned and proactive. Simply put, we are building our nationwide network, which entails the active: identification, recruitment and retention of individuals who are serious about changing this archaic and despotic PUDP system. This involves much work and commitment. Intuitively, we also know the journey upon which we have consciously embarked is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary the principles in the BPP remain laser-focused on the tasks at hand and not be sidetracked by the distractions which perpetuate the intentional dysfunction, courtesy of the PUDP. Therefore, do not be put off if the BPP does not comment on every single issue that is concocted, for the PUDP’s self-serving purposes, for your Belize Progressive Party is serious about effecting the much-needed, substantive change. It is my intent, as Chairman, that the BPP shall never be guilty of “...looking at the forest, meanwhile failing to see the trees.” It is in this regard the core issues which require our undivided attention include: (1) ROPA and Re-registration, (2) POCA and making the Integrity Commission accountable, (3) UNCAC and establishing the International Commission Against Impunity in Belize (ICAIB), (4) keeping Belizeans attuned to the pitfalls of the Compromis and (5) ensuring a “NO” vote to the ICJ. As you can see, our plate remains full and if we are to do justice to these core issues, the BPP must not fall victim to the the lure of advocacy, solely for the sake of making noise in the wilderness, as opposed to dealing upfront, with the pressing issues which hold significant influence on the immediate future of our nation. In sum, admittedly our task is monumental, but with the appropriate focus, we shall succeed in setting Belize on the right path toward recovery and eventual prosperity for the masses. 8867 Today 8867 Tomorrow 8867 Forever Belize, Sovereign and Free - NO ICJ!

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