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Enemies of Change. They Want To Keep You Enslaved. You Must Stop Them, Belizeans.

Belizeans in slavery

The enemies of change are the Belizeans who will defend this failed, decrepit, dysfunctional SYSTEM that harms you and 100s of thousands of other Belizeans every single day.

They present themselves as caring. However, they are false prophets.

You will hear and see them every day on Facebook, call-in shows, on TV; they also sit in the House of Representatives....calling for change.

They will sing from the mountain top how bad the SYSTEM is.

However, once we or anyone starts to point out the things that need to be done, now, so that we can have real change, the type of change that will remove the power from the elected and appointed politicians and give it back to the Belizean people....

...they will find a hundred, a thousand excuses as to why those changes would not work.

A perfect example is the 17-year-old Final Report of the Political Reform Commission which was published in January 2000!

Almost none of the recommendations that would remove power from the politicians and give that power back to the people, have been implemented.


The politician today have even more

power and the Belizean people even less.


See, fellow Belizeans, these people don't want change. They are comfortable with calling for change, but the SYSTEM as it is, benefits them, their families and friends, and the politicians they feed off of and who feed off you, the people.

And they genuinely do not care about you, or the fact that each one of your children has a debt of around $16,000BZ. A debt that will continue to grow and enslave our children, while the few, well-connected continue to benefit.

Your children are literally growing up as slaves: we live in a country where the politicians have grown to become gods in their own right. You have to go to a politician and beg for every single thing - land, job, scholarship, food baskets, money to pay your light bill...

...while in a fair, just, balanced and equitable SYSTEM, you should get what you need because you are a Belizean and you deserve and qualify for it...and no politician should have such powers as to deny you anything if you do not support them or their party.


The BPP is not here to win elections: if that was our intent we would have long compromised and taken the big money from the people who benefit from this dysfunctional SYSTEM that creates nothing but debt, and slavery of you, the people.

The BPP is not here to replace the PUDP: we don't want to deny Belizeans choices and freedoms, as the PUDP has done. We want to create equity and balance. Something the PUDP could have easily done over the past 17 years since they knew what needed to be done. But, they will never fix a SYSTEM that benefits them, at the cost of the majority of Belizeans.

The PUDP wants loyal slaves: they want to continue growing their power so that they can continue enriching themselves and punish whomever challenges them.

The BPP is here to replace the SYSTEM: once we create balance and equity in the SYSTEM, we will be on our way of having different political parties (proportional representation) that represent the interests of our very diverse people and culture. Each having their own needs and wants, and deserves the right to chose who they want to represent them, not the PUDP cherry-picked pseudo-leaders.

You must remember:

  • the people who are enemies of change, and want to keep you enslaved, are the people who will continue to call for change, but once REAL change presents itself, they will find any and all excuses as to why it will not work, and they will continue to tacitly and subliminally (and not-so-subliminally) point out that only the PUDP is a choice.

  • BPP does not want to deny Belizeans anything, we know, like the PUDP does, that Belize has more than enough for ALL Belizeans. However, the difference is: PUDP will continue to want it all for themselves and control it so as to control you the Belizean people. The BPP will make sure that we have balance and equity underpinned by meritocracy, pragmatism, transparency and accountability.


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