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BPP's Political Leader, Patrick Rogers, Responds To Joseph Roca

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the diaspora. Anyone that have heard me speak on the matter of our diaspora involvement in the electoral process can attest to the fact that I am one of those Belizeans that have reversed my original position of No involvement to full participation by way of voting rights for the diaspora.

In effect, I support an expanded Legislative arm of government to allow for 5 non-Cabinet members to sit on the HofR Oversight Committees for each Ministry (i.e. Electing Diaspora Representatives to the House of Representatives and the Senate - UK, EU, USA east, USA central, USA west, Caribbean, etc).

Now as an advocate for SEPARATION OF POWERS - I have been stating that Belize needs to become a REPUBLIC- where we will be DIRECTLY ELECTING OUR PRESIDENT whom will HAVE TO BE A NATURAL BORN BELIZEAN CITIZEN!!! (Meaning that anyone whom did NOT have to be NATURALIZED to become a Belizean Citizen!).

I am not pleased to see the issue of the diaspora inclusion in the electoral process either by way of Diaspora Representatives or by allowing the diaspora to vote for local Constituencies in Belize not being discussed at this time and the focus purely on an issue that really would only benefit a handful of Diasporas that wants to aspire for office UNDER THIS SAME WARPED WESTMINSTER SYSTEM - which really makes it difficult to accommodate this singular objective - as once elected as a Legislator, you can then become the acting Executive (Her Majesty REMAINS Belize's EXECUTIVE!)

I hope this shed some light on where I stand on these issues Brother Joseph Roca!

Patrick Rogers

Patrick Rogers is the current political leader of the Belize Progressive Party

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