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ICJ: GOB's Line is Old and Tired

Government of Belize

I am watching this panel presentation on Channel 5, which is touching on the issue of whether or not Belize should take the matter of Guatemala's unfounded claim to the ICJ.

The GOB's line is old and tired. What is even more disturbing is that they are not only, intentionally, downplaying the element of litigation risk (as per usual), but they are seeking to further convolute the issue by introducing Guyana's situation with Venezuela.

Case in point, each situation is unique. Therefore, an informed Belizean electorate must not base its decision on whether Guyana feels they should go to the ICJ. The dynamics of each matter is unique and therefore Belizeans must be attuned to this. What we must take into consideration is the history and modus operandi of the ICJ to seek compromise as opposed to meting out justice.

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, do NOT allow yourselves to be deceived. The bi-partisan line that is being perpetuated the powers that be, is skewed and, at best, disingenuous.

Sleep wid yo own eye, because the fear-mongering of the PUDP is fool's gold. There are other options available and we must show the powers that be, that we shall not be mislead and/or bullied into slitting our own throats, by voting to go to the ICJ.

We must stand-up and VOTE NO to the ICJ and force the government to explore the other means through which to address this issue, particularly because what they have concocted with the OAS and their Guatemalan counterparts, in this context, certainly is not favourable for Belize.

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