• Charles Leslie Jr | Cayo District Coordinator

Belizeans: Pay Attention To Who Wants To Empower You & Who Simply Wants Power Over Your

Belizeans Vote BPP & Empower Yourself

Some people have asked us: why don't we hear certain pundits speak about changing the SYSTEM of Governance, which would be inclusive, empowering, create true separation of powers so as to achieve real checks and balances?

The answer is simple: Some people want to change the players only, they love the game as it is, since once they can change the players they then have power over the same old, dysfunctional game that gives them unlimited power over the People and the People's resources, so that they can continue to get rich without producing anything...

... And having the poor and working class Belizeans pick up the tab via high taxation and cost of living.

The BPP is committed to changing our System of Governance. Only the People can help us achieve those objectives.

We won't buy your votes, make false promises to you, take special interest money...

...We will, however, ask for your vote, it is literally the most powerful thing you still own, and we want to be a part of making every Belizean remember how truly powerful that is.


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