• Abdul Marin Nunez

Judicial Council by Abdul Marin Nunez

Everyone who studies law will Tell you it cost a pretty penny To go out there and complete their course of study The sacrifice they made trying to get a good grade Then some of them come back with and elitist mentality Forgetting they were given a scholarship from the public’s money They often don’t give back to society Instead walk with their heads in the sky like their shit no longer smelly

This is what’s wrong with this country Everyone’s out to make money And hide under the Bench and Bar and the law society Talking shit about, “My Lord i was not provoked adequately!” The purpose of studying law was suppose to help humanity And ensure Justice is handed down equally without favour to any

By law the state is to provide legal council To everyone with legal trouble Since we are practicing the Westminster model Even Legal Aid di get in the hustle Di raise fees fi help “piple” Legal council should be affordable, dependable, and negotiable The legal council was quick to make example with Lionel and Cecil But some lawyers in Belize is about the hustle Are unethical and downright irresponsible And no one is holding them accountable This is remarkable!

There seems to be no honour amongst thieves All some of these lawyers are about is getting fees and selling dreams Almost all are for sale but some of them belong in jail Without bail, some di get blackmail Prosecutions the fail Some of them themselves don’t follow court orders Then when deh ask, “My Lord may I see you in chamber!” But the layman goes to jail on committal orders But lawyers hardly get chastised for being out of order

Doesn’t Belize have and ethic committee Or is it a jubilee of piracy With get rich schemes and no professionalism Fancy talking, dressing, case memorizing and speaking in Latin But they lack character For some this is neither here nor there No wonder the Belize judiciary is spoil And will forever remain in turmoil.

By: Abdul Marin Nunez

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