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Paco Smith's responds to "88 Million Dollars Bukut - Is Said Musa or Dean Barrow to Blame?&

Musa's PUP and Barrow's UDP are locked in a death spiral in the destruction of Belize.


By Hugh O’Brien: BUKUT NUMBER 1 – Former Prime Minister of Belize, Said Musa, guaranteed a Belize Bank loan for the Universal Health Services (UHS) owned by PUP cronies and ended up paying the Belize Bank $40 million for this private hospital in December 2007. Belizeans got nothing for this $40 million investment, not even the hospital or any of its equipment.

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This article is much appreciated, as it spells out, in detail, the underhanded, nefarious and quite frankly dirty dealings of those who have most recently and currently head the Government.

In a nutshell, I can appreciate the underlying current, or better yet, the overarching link which binds this entire sordid saga at the hip. It is a scenario that is, within many respects a watershed in Belize's: socio-economic, political and (believe it or not) cultural history. For certain it is not a positive occurrence. In fact, it is a blatant case of selfish and unscrupulous "leaders" using their intimate knowledge of the system, to advance things other than that which should benefit the people and nation of Belize.

Simply put, this is a clear-cut manifestation of the manner in which the system has and continues to be manipulated, by the powers that be, contrary to anything that even remotely resembles a benefit for the people of Belize.

Although, by now, it should be obvious to even the most doubting among us, for those die-hard persons who inexplicably place party affiliation over matters of national significance or even more apropos...common sense, allow me to spell it out for you. For the past 36+ years we, the Belizean people, have facilitated a corrupt system, one which is laced with gross inequities and is prejudicial against regular Belizeans who are not politically connected. This rot emanates from the fact that "the system", in and of itself is not only skewed, but it is self-sustaining of those who are vested with the responsibility of ensuring the best interest of the nation is served. In other words, our elected politicians are the ones who we allow to use and abuse us, by way of continuing to support them in their bid for office.

Essentially, this PUDP system of fraudulent "leadership", which is the vehicle through which deviant representatives persist in taking the Belizean people for a proverbial ride and consequently shaft us with a bigger bukut, each go-round. This situation is a case in point.

In so far as I am concerned, both principles who served as Heads of Government are equally culpable of the current untenable situation in which our nation finds itself. One began it and the other prolonged it. Hence the old adage that "two wrongs don't make a right", is obviously applicable.

It is high time that we begin to hold our elected officials accountable for the injustices they that have been brought about, due to their conniving and scheming. Indeed, it is one thing to prove, in a court of law, that they have committed a crime. That was witnessed by all who were willing to see, when the UDP brought-up bogus charges against the former PM. Both he and his successor are "learned attorneys" and I am absolutely certain they both knew that a charge of "theft" would not stick. Yet that is the collusive nature of the PUDP. In public, they put on a show for all who are gullible enough to accept it lock, stock and barrel. Yet in the end, what is the normal outcome? None of them are truly held accountable. How many have been jailed? What, tangible sanctions have been taken against any of them whose detrimental dealings have come under the microscope? In a word, the answer is "NONE" and we must understand that it is by design because the system of governance that is employed in our nation, this so-called "parliamentary democracy" is premised on the fact that it caters to a two-party system which, although adversarial in its construct, essential bodes a very significant feature in which the two parties share a symbiotic relationship, in that they feed of of one-another (for better or worse...depending on whether which side is in "power" versus that of "opposition"); yet at the end of the day, the system remains in place, our nation continues to be fleeced and no-one is held accountable.

PUDP in love with getting rich by destroying Belize & Belizeans & selling out to anyone

Therefore, in assessing blame, I reiterate that both parties (both figuratively and literally) are to blame for Belize's ongoing, current and future socio-economic woes. I say "socio-economic" because decisions such as the ones outlined in this article not only impact our economy in a negative fashion, it also portends an increase in already seemingly insurmountable social ills which continue to plague the nation.

Bearing these facts in mind, while doling out the very necessary distinction of culpability, I would be remiss to not assign a sizable degree to the Belizean electorate, for it is we who continue to blindly "support" our preferred bearer of the bukut, at the polls. When will Belizeans recognise and accept that by virtue of continually exchanging 'red' for 'blue' and vice-versa, that we are effectively placing yet another nail in our nation's coffin? The reality of PUDP collusion should not only be evident by way of this morass. Something as important as our nation's territorial integrity and sovereignty, in light of Guatemala's unfounded claim and continued intransigence has deteriorated into yet another "scheme" and to boot, it is a bi-partisan one, in which the only thing the two "sides" disagree on, is under whose watch they want to take Belize to the ICJ.

In all, what we are witnessing, at least those who are willing to take off their political blinders, is the manifestation of political collusion, within the confines of a flawed system, which continues to facilitate corruption, unabated. Unless the Belizean people come to grips with this reality, it shall continue, until our beloved nation reaches the point of being a "failed state".

In sum, where the blame lies concerning this matter, is as plain as day. It lies with the principles who orchestrated these ill-conceived moves that are unquestionably to the detriment of our nation, its people and our collective future. Meanwhile the electorate who continues to "support" the PUPD at the polls also holds a degree of responsibility, as well.

Therefore, I implore one and all to take a sober look at where things stand in Belize and make a conscious decision to exercise your options, for now there is a viable, political alternative to the PUDP, one which is committed to CHANGE THE SYSTEM. Yet, unless Belizeans step out of their "comfort zone", in which (given the recent developments described by the article) they should not be all-too-comfortable and embrace the alternative, you can rest assured that the situation in this nation shall continue to deteriorate.

With that said, I invite Belizeans both at home and abroad to take stock, broaden your horizons and give consideration toward supporting the new political consciousness that is your Belize Progressive Party - BPP. If not and I truly do not like to put things in such context, but given the dire situation in which we find ourselves, I feel obligated to do so..., simply put failure to reject the PUDP fundamentally means that our nation had better stock-up on Vaseline and assume the position, because no matter what the principles of the PUDP say, bigger bukut deh cum by way of their track record and only you, can put an end to it.

Belizeans and true friends of Belize, this is real talk and those who disagree, I simply pose these final, two questions - #1 Do you believe things will change from within? Meaning that the beneficiaries of such treasonous actions shall someday have an epiphany and say they will earnestly begin to curtail the spoils they and their cohorts have had access to, by virtue of being "in power" and #2 If the system is admittedly, inequitable and corrupt, how can things change by way of continually giving the perpetrators of crimes against this nation, the responsibility of governing this nation?

It is time for truly substantive change and I can guarantee you, no matter what melodious words may emanate from the silver-tongued devils of the PUDP ilk, they have no change fu change.



You can start by visiting the BPP's website - www.belizeprogressiveparty.org

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